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Despite the destructive effects of drug addiction, many chronic drug users refuse treatment and continue destroying their lives. Family and friends don’t know how to help as they helplessly watch their loved one leave a wake of destruction in their path. In these cases, family interventions are a perfect solution.

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What You Can Do

Chronic drug users can be exceedingly reluctant to enter treatment. Drug and alcohol users can be emotionally or even physically abusive when you urge them to seek treatment. Family members face a seemingly unsolvable dilemma. If you keep quiet about the problem, they’ll continue using – destroying their lives and the lives of others. If you urge them to seek treatment or threaten to stop supporting them in their addiction, you fear they might drop off the face of the earth and you’ll lose contact. Or they’ll sink deeper into depression and increase their use of drugs.

It’s perfectly normal to feel this way, but In these cases, a family intervention is a perfect solution. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse, call (323) 270-0657 to schedule an intervention.

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What is Intervention?

Spouses, family and friends understand that chronic drug users can be exceedingly reluctant to enter treatment. Most addicts cannot fully comprehend the pain and suffering they inflict on themselves and others. An intervention is not a punishment, nor is it a tool to force the views of others upon the user. Instead, family intervention is a coordinated effort, guided by a licensed family interventionist, that seeks to set ground rules and expectations that are healthy – not just for the addict, but for all family members involved. 

What Are My Payment Options?

No one suffering from drug or alcohol addiction should have to worry about how treatment will be paid for. Treatment is covered by most insurance providers. Paying for a treatment program typically comes from insurance. If you have insurance, you’ll be surprised to learn that funding for treatment is readily available and usually encouraged. Our staff will contact the insurance provider to determine eligibility. We will work hard to find a way to get you the help you deserve.

Why Intervention?

Family intervention addresses both the realities of the family member’s co-dependent issues and ongoing, counter-productive support of users while laying a foundation for the user to accept treatment or consider alternatives. Addiction is a problem that affects entire families, not just users. If you are unable to get your loved one treatment, don’t wait for the problem to get even worse. Call a Sober Freedom specialist direct at (323) 270-0657 and request to speak with a licensed Drug and Alcohol Interventionist today.

No Insurance? No Problem.

Even without health insurance you still have options. Sober Freedom maintains a financing option for those without insurance and scholarships are also available. Sober Freedom will work with you hand-in-hand to help you find the way to get treatment paid for. For those with a loved one suffering from drug dependency, paying for treatment should be the last thing they should worry about. We will help you get your loved one into treatment . We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Call Sober Freedom today at (323) 270-0657.

Intervention Saves Lives

Those who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction often engage in other behaviors that put them at risk. Many fall victim to violence, disease or overdose. A family intervention can save your loved one’s life. Intervention doesn’t threaten, shame or humiliate your loved one, but unites the family instead. It can be the most loving, healthy and successful way to get them into treatment. A carefully planned and facilitated intervention will empower you and help your loved one to stop the destructive behavior and begin a healthier, happier life.

Free Consultation

If you would like to learn more about how you can get professional help to stop your loved one from continuing down their destructive path, schedule a free appointment with a Sober Freedom Interventionist today at (323) 270-0657You’ll find that our licensed family interventionists are caring, dedicated and very well informed about the best way to get your loved one into treatment so that they can start living the life they deserve. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse, call Sober Freedom today at (323) 270-0657.


How Intervention Works


Our interventionists consult with the family first to learn about the addict’s drug history and personal history, and to determine the main concerns of the family. This meeting typically involves family members discussing their fears and frustrations, how they contribute to the addict’s behavior, and what they are willing to do to stop it. We will also discuss recommended treatment facilities, arrange for travel to the facility, and help the family with insurance providers if necessary.


We strongly advise the family to rehearse the intervention a few times before including the addict. Some of the things both the family and the Interventionist will discuss are the reactions the addict will likely have, what each family member may want to say and also take inventory of what each family member would be willing to do if their loved one denies treatment such as refusing to take phone calls or refusing to give the addict financial support.


Confronting the addict is the last step. When well planned and rehearsed, and More often than not, the result is that the addict realizes the damage they’ve done to themselves, the damage they’ve done to others and what they stand to lose if they forego treatment. Everyone at the intervention should have something to say about how the addiction has harmed the person they love. These statements should be emotionally honest and focus on love. 

Family Support

This can be a very emotional time for family members to go through but the end result is more important than the fear of confrontation. Your Interventionist will be skilled in helping to keep the environment as calm and supportive as possible, always focused on helping the addict understand that without help, their lives will deteriorate and by accepting help, they’ll begin to realize their full potential.