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Ecstasy Addiction
and Treatment

MDMA, commonly referred to as ecstasy, is not a harmless, recreational club drug by any means. Emergency room visits from overdose are common. In fact, many people admitted to emergency rooms that used MDMA also had other intoxicants in their system such as cocaine, methamphetamines or ketamine.

Ecstasy Addiction Treatment

The vast majority of users of ecstasy are between 18 and 29 years of age. They consider ecstasy a recreational party drug. Emergency room visits, however, are on the rise for children aged 12-17, meaning this drug of abuse is not only relegated to young adults that use it at concerts, raves, and clubs.

If you or a loved one are abusing ecstasy or suffering from dependency on ecstasy, Sober Freedom can help. We can get you into a treatment program that specializes in the treatment of ecstasy abuse. If you need immediate help and would like to speak with a Sober Freedom staff member, call our hotline at (323) 270-0657 at any time, day or night.

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Taking the First Step

Many people that use ecstasy do not perceive its use as a problem until it begins to destroy their family and social lives. If you are one of the many people that are suffering from the use of MDMA, Sober Freedom can help. We maintain a 24 hour hotline for users of ecstasy to call in and get information or assistance at any time. Call our hotline at (323) 270-0657 to learn more about the various treatment options available to you. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Get the help you need to overcome addiction and begin a life of sobriety.

Deadly Combinations

Ecstasy is also frequently used in combination with other drugs of abuse to enhance its effects such as cocaine, methamphetamines, and other psychoactive drugs. Since ecstasy dramatically increases body temperature, and many other drugs used in combination increase heart rate and blood pressure, many people who overdose can do significant damage to internal organs that is often permanent. Some die from hyperthermia. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Call us at (323) 270-0657 and we will help you understand how to get in to a qualified treatment program.

Parents, Family and Friends

In many cases, it’s parents, family, and friends that first notice the tell-tale signs of ecstasy use. Oversleeping, missing school or work, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression are common signs of ecstasy use. If you have a loved one that needs help, call us at (323) 270-0657It is not uncommon for parents and family members to have a difficult time trying to get their loved ones the help they need. If you have a family member that cannot face the fact that they need help, Sober Freedom offers family intervention services. We’re here to help, 24/7.

Other Ecstasy Related Dangers

Since ecstasy increases a person’s desire to be touched and to touch others while simultaneously decreasing inhibitions, it’s not uncommon for users of the drug to engage in promiscuous sexual activity. Within the community of chronic ecstasy users a wide variety of sexually transmitted diseases are prevalent. Frequent use combined with decreased inhibition also increases the probability that long term users will use other drugs to enhance their high. Sometimes, these other drugs can become addictive, especially cocaine and methamphetamine.

What Are My Payment Options?

In most cases, treatment is paid for entirely by insurance. Sober Freedom accepts almost all insurance and we will find a way to get you in treatment if you have it. If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry. You still have options. Our deeply held belief is that no one that needs help with addiction should worry about paying for treatment. Sober Freedom will explore a wide range of options with you to get you to treatment including, but not limited to financing and alternative sources of funding.

Why People Use Ecstasy

Most people begin using ecstasy at a relatively young age with friends at parties, raves, club scenes, and concerts on an infrequent basis. Because ecstasy gives users a tremendous sense of increased energy, euphoria, and tremendously increased sensitivity to tactile stimulation. People who use ecstasy want to be touched and want to touch others…to them, it’s a harmless, feel-good drug. But long term use can be deadly. Call us at (323) 270-0657 to learn how Sober Freedom can get you into a treatment center that specializes in the treatment of ecstasy abuse. We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Effects of Ecstasy


Shortly after ingesting ecstasy, users experience a rush of euphoric energy, tactile sensitivity increases tremendously, the body loses its ability to regulate body temperature and body temperature escalates in a state of hyperthermia. Many users take ecstasy at parties and engage in activities that increase body temperature even further. This may lead to a severely increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, damage to internal organs, organ failure and death.

Long Term

Long term studies of those who abuse ecstasy habitually show evidence of brain damage that can lead to impaired cognition, depression and anxiety. Both long term and short term memory can be affected and impaired. Repeated bouts of severe dehydration and hyperthermia brought about by ecstasy abuse can do permanent damage to the liver, kidneys and brain.


Withdrawal symptoms of ecstasy use can be severe. Many users will experience flu-like symptoms, excruciating body pain, severe dehydration, restlessness and anxiety. Withdrawal symptoms also include the desire to sleep but inability to do so. Depression and hopelessness are also a signs of ecstasy withdrawal.

Getting Help

Although your situation may seem overwhelming, getting help to overcome chronic use of ecstasy is easy to come by. Making the decision to accept the help that is readily available from family, friends, and treatment providers is often difficult. If you or a loved one need help to get into treatment and overcome addiction to ecstasy, call Sober Freedom at any time at (323) 270-0657.