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Medically Supervised
Detox Program

Medically Supervised Detox is a program designed to help those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol go through the withdrawal phase of treatment with the least amount of pain and suffering as possible. Our premiere treatment facilities utilize advanced technology to eliminate virtually all opioid withdrawal symptoms without the use of chemicals.

When is detox required?

Our Treatment Teams design a specific plan for each client based on their substance(s) of abuse and their personal medical history. Medically supervised detox programs are advisable for some clients, depending on their drug of choice and the severity of their addiction.

Don’t wait for the problem to get worse, call our hotline any time, day or night, at (323) 270-0657.

We help our patients select an appropriate facility, determine if they need detox treatment, help them wade through the complex maze of insurance and/or financing and in the end, help them find a sober living environment if they need a safe place to get their life back on track. Call Sober Freedom today at (323) 270-0657.

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Taking the First Step

Perhaps the hardest step in recovery from addiction is first accepting that you have a problem and reaching out for help. Whether you reach out to family members or friends, a counselor or a doctor, it’s never easy. Sober Freedom maintains a 24 hour hotline for those in need of help. Even if it’s just to learn more about your options, our consultations are always free of charge. Call (323) 270-0657, you’ll find that our staff are caring, non-judgmental and very well informed about the various treatment option that are available to you.

Reach Out for Help

It’s possible to get clean and sober and start down the path of improving your life today. The best way to do so is to reach out for help. Sober Freedom maintains a hotline that we staff 24 hours a day to answer calls from people suffering from cocaine abuse and addiction. Call us at (323) 270-0657 and we will help you understand how to get into a qualified treatment program, how we can help you arrange travel to one of our facilities if you need it, how we can take care of insurance for you and how we can help you detox if you need it as well.

Is Detox Right for You?

Answering a few questions can help you determine if detox is right for you.

  • Have you tried to quit using only to find yourself using again to avoid withdrawals?
  • Are you reluctant to stop using because you know you won’t be able to function?
  • If you stop using to you experience anxiety, high blood pressure or sweating?
  • Have you ever experienced delirium tremens, seizures or hallucinations?

If you’ve answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you may seriously want to consider detox before entering treatment.

What to Expect

Sober Freedom will begin with an extensive intake process designed to help us determine your substance abuse history, medical history and psychological treatment history, if applicable. Our Treatment Team will then design a medically supervised detox program that will help you get through the withdrawal stage of the rehabilitation process with the least amount of pain and suffering involved. This helps to insure your cravings will be significantly reduced so you can begin the inpatient treatment phase of care successfully.


What Are My Payment Options?

No one suffering from addiction should have to worry about how treatment will be paid for. Treatment is covered by most insurance providers. Paying for a cocaine rehab treatment program typically comes from insurance. If you have insurance, you’ll be surprised to learn that funding for treatment is readily available and usually encouraged. Our staff will contact the insurance provider to determine eligibility. We will work hard to find a way to get you the help you deserve.

No Insurance? No Problem.

Even if you don’t have insurance you still have options. Sober Freedom maintains a financing option for those without insurance and scholarships are also available. Sober Freedom will work with you hand-in-hand to help you find the way to get treatment paid for. For those suffering from cocaine dependency, paying for treatment should be the last thing they should worry about. We will help you get into treatment. Call us at (323) 270-0657 and start living the life you deserve. We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year..

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