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Crystal Meth Addiction
and Treatment

Breaking the cycle of crystal meth addiction is not easy, but with the right treatment and care, you will recover.

Sober Freedom will get you the help you deserve so that you can break the vicious cycle of addiction and begin living a life you love.

Our Crystal Meth Rehab Program

Ending the cycle of methamphetamine (Crystal Meth) abuse is a very hard prospect for those who use the drug habitually. If you are presently dependent on the drug, Sober Freedom can help. We specialize in treating addiction to this increasingly dangerous drug. If you’re a family member, spouse, or friend of someone who uses it, you’re probably well aware that the drug is exceedingly addictive and that when users come down from the drug, they “crash” very hard.

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Breaking the Cycle of Meth Abuse

The first step to ending the cycle of crystal meth abuse is admitting you have a problem and taking action to resolve it. Sober Freedom maintains a staff of caring professionals available to take calls 24 hours a day from people dependent on the drug, from family members, and from friends of those who know someone addicted to it.

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Dangers of Crystal Meth Use

Crystal Meth is made from a toxic combination of over-the-counter drugs, including diet drugs and decongestants, as well as the following destructive agents: drain cleaner, lye, butane, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, red phosphorous, iodine, and a random combination of other dangerous chemicals.  Alone, any one of these chemicals can cause irreparable harm to the tissues and organs of the human body. Users suffer skin sores, rotting teeth, damage to the nasal septum, and damage to the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain. Heavy use can cause heart attacks, stroke, and death from overdose. Don’t wait for the problem to get even worse.

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How People Become Addicted

Methamphetamine abuse has been on a sharply rising trend since the 1990’s. And, it’s no wonder. Crystal Meth, as methamphetamine is commonly referred to, is an inexpensive, far more potent alternative to cocaine. Crystal Meth can be made with materials purchased at drug stores. It is often “cooked” in home-based labs. All these things combined make it an easy drug to make, inexpensive to buy and since the high is so powerful, it makes the drug much more difficult to stop using.

Family and Friends of Addicts

Crystal Meth users can be very difficult to persuade to enter treatment. Many simply do not recognize the severity of the problem, while to others around them the problem is readily apparent. Sober Freedom is here to help.

You can call us at (323) 270-0657 any time to discuss how we can help you get your loved one into treatment. This could be as simple as a phone call or conference call. In other instances, it may take a family intervention. Sober Freedom’s team of licensed drug and alcohol interventionists will come to you and help you schedule an intervention to get your loved one the treatment they deserve.

How to Get into Treatment

Most people seeking help for Crystal Meth addiction are surprised to find there are a wealth of resources available for them to turn to. However, many people that are considering treatment may not take the first step towards recovery unless they know exactly what they can expect from treatment. Sober Freedom helps people understand what treatment will be like, what the various treatments for Crystal Meth are like and helps them find a way to pay for and get to treatment safely.

Paying for Treatment

Sober Freedom accepts most health insurance. Many people use their existing health insurance policies to cover the cost of treatment. However, if you do not have insurance, don’t worry. Sober Freedom will help you find a way to get the treatment you deserve. The last thing you should worry about is how to pay for treatment or how to request payment for treatment from an insurance provider.

You can call us at (323) 270-0657 any time to discuss possible payment options. Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating and discouraging. We take that burden off of your shoulders.

The Realities of Crystal Meth Addiction

The Beginning

Crystal Meth use begins somewhere. Many users are first exposed to Crystal Meth at a party or social gathering at a friend’s house. For most, it begins as a recreational drug used after experiencing marijuana and alcohol, or as an alternative to cocaine. The rush a new user feels is incomparable to other stimulant drugs. The effects are long lasting, intense and the user experiences a distinct feeling of empowerment.  But that high doesn’t last. Coming down from Crystal Meth is terrible and most users find the body pain, depression and mental confusion is easily swept away from additional use. This leads to binging.

Binge Behavior

One of the greatest dangers associated with using crystal meth is that the “high” experienced by the user, diminishes in potency over time. Increasingly large doses must be taken to feel the rush, the sense of euphoria and stimulation experienced in the past. Withdrawal symptoms escalate, leading to the urgent need to use even more. At this stage, the body is already sustaining severe damage – to the point it may no longer be able to physically recover from the long term effects of the drug. When the user is unable to feel good from taking the drug anymore, it leads to tweaking.


When a user takes enough meth to stay awake for days, even weeks on end, serious psychological effects begin. It is not uncommon for tweakers to experience full blown psychosis, visual and auditory hallucinations or drug induced schizophrenia. Addicts are increasingly prone to callous acts of unprovoked violence. They can just as easily self mutilate or commit suicide. Tweakers may try to come down from the drug by mixing it with alcohol, a legal depressant. Combining alcohol and Crystal Meth at this stage almost always leads to violence, criminal behavior and/or psychological breakdown.

Hitting Rock Bottom

Hitting bottom is a relative term for users of crystal meth. It can come at any stage in the cycle of abuse. However, most people seek treatment during the binging and tweaking stages of addiction. More often than not, hitting a bottom and seeking out help is often accompanied by loss of friends and family, employment or frequent run-ins with the law. Almost without exception, those who remain in their addiction long-term end up losing everything. Hitting bottom is painful in every way, when the Crystal Meth addict finally has no choice but to face themselves brutally, painfully, and honestly.