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Using HealthPartners Freedom Insurance Plans To Cover Rehab

There are times in our lives when all of us need to seek medical treatment of some kind and it doesn’t matter what this need is. We will need some type of health insurance coverage in place for us to be able to get the help we need. Many people choose to take out coverage with a health maintenance organization as opposed to an individual company as this can offer them a larger coverage package for what is usually a lesser price.


HealthPartners are one of many HMO’s which are based in Minnesota but operate across America. They have built up a specialist network of doctors, nurses, hospital staff and other medical professionals and in doing so this has allowed them to negotiate a lower cost deal with them which means that the customer also pays less. They work with those who already qualify and pay in to a Medicare plan so in addition to the monthly fee they pay for that they can choose to “top up” their coverage with one of HealthPartners Freedom Plans and pay a little extra on top.

Prevention Emphasis

HealthPartners believe that preventing a problem from occurring in the first place is a much better option than waiting until it’s there to treat it and hopefully cure it. This approach is not limited to a certain set of health conditions either and as the risk of developing many serious health complications is drastically reduced by living a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and lots of exercise, this is what most of the emphasis is put on.

Rehabilitation for Substance Abuse or Addiction

HealthPartners insurance does not discriminate against any individual who suffers from an addiction or mental health problem and there is some level of coverage available on all of the different types of Freedom Plan. The basic level Freedom plan however does have a set limit about the amount of care that can be provided and if this care comes from outside of the network then the costs will rise dramatically so treatment will be limited even further. However if you were to go for one of the higher tiered plans there is much more coverage and treatment options available with no limit to the amount of care that can be received and in some cases even a $0 co-pay.

Inpatient, Outpatient and More

It doesn’t matter what type of treatment you need, you and your medical practitioner will work together and with the other professionals in the network to discuss and provide the best level of care and treatment for you. This could be in the form of an inpatient stay in a drug rehabilitation center, or it could cover outpatient treatments with daily visits to a doctor and various counseling and group support sessions.

High Quality Care

Because HealthPartners has such a large and varied network of medical staff that they consult with, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you will be getting the very best care available to you. This large network often allows for multiple different treatment options from staff who are highly trained, unbiased and non judgmental so even if your particular problem is maybe a little less common than some others, they will find someone who is best suited to treat you.


Obviously, as with all HMO’s there are some negative aspects and limitations to choosing to use a health management organization for your health insurance. Even if your primary care practitioner deems treatment for drug or substance abuse as necessary, the decision will still then likely go up to a board of admin who will have the final say about whether they will finance the treatment or not. If they will not then you will have the chance to appeal but if that is then also refused you will be responsible for funding any further treatment for addiction out of your own pocket. Also, if you find yourself needing treatment which isn’t available within the selected network then you can seek treatment elsewhere but you will be responsible for paying the extra costs incurred.

However you choose to cover your treatment for drug or alcohol rehabilitation you should take a step back and feel proud of yourself for admitting you are having troubles and seeking out the help you need. The recovery process is long and difficult but in searching for help you have taken the first step on that road and HealthPartners will be there for you as you travel along the road to becoming sober.