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Eating Clean To Promote A More Stable Recovery

Healing from an addiction takes more than mental clarity and an emotional outlet. It also takes the strength and willpower to make some serious physical changes in your life, and one of these can be what you’re putting into your body on a regular basis. If you think about the way that you eat and how it affects your thought patterns, it’s easy to see why it can be so …Read More

How Finding Activities Can Help You In Your Recovery

Recovering from an addiction takes hard work and motivation, and although you’ll never be completely over your vice, you can make life much easier by finding other things to invest your time and energy in. This means putting yourself out of your comfort zone and finding an interest in something new and in a completely different category from what you used to enjoy doing. Or, focus on something that you …Read More

How To Prepare To Confront A Substance Abuser

Dealing with a substance abuse problem can be very difficult and complicated both emotionally as well as physically. When faced with the thought of confronting a substance abuser it can be one of the most challenging things you’ll have to face. You want to make sure that you’re doing the right thing and you’ll have to make decisions that can be overwhelming for many people. According to CIGNA Behavioral Health, …Read More

Relapse Or Recovery? Tips To Help You Get Through Substance Abuse

Your chances of recovery or relapse depend on a number of different factors; including how well you can cope with stress, which you spend your free time with, how you spend your free time and what your sense of self esteem is like. Recovering from a physical addiction might be easy to manage once you have completed your detox, but triggers and cravings may persist even years after you have …Read More

The 3 Stages Of Addiction Recovery

One way to think about drug and alcohol addiction recovery is to picture a time line with 3 phases marked out on it – early recovery, middle recovery, and late recovery. Each of the stages comes with certain lessons to be learned, opportunities for growth, and tasks that need to be completed inside of that stage, before moving on to the next one. Many people choose to turn to the …Read More

Starting On The Path To Addiction Recovery

Addiction has both physiological and psychological components, both of which need to be addressed, and it’s important to note that the psychological components are not easily treatable until the physiological ones are addressed. What this means is that detox is essential at the beginning of recovery no matter what, and regardless of the approach, a reduction in the use of a substance is necessary for treatment to begin, but it …Read More

Knowing The Stages Of Recovery Helps You Onto The Right Path

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a serious problem plaguing families all over the world. Although education on this subject has increased awareness and offers the ability to rehabilitate yourself, it’s important to realize that addiction isn’t something that will go away overnight and you have to be prepared to stay strong through the entirety of your battle. Part of this strength can come from understanding what you’ll be going …Read More