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Recovery From Prescription Drug Abuse

While it may not be an illegal substance, the growing issue of prescription drug abuse is a new problem facing society today. No one chooses to become an addict especially in situations where one is taking prescription drugs. Reports show that one in every five Americans has reported misusing a prescription drug at one time or another but that in itself does not make them an addict. Most people will …Read More

What Is Predisposition And How Can It Affect You?

Predisposition is a term that is used often throughout the medical field. Being predisposed to cancer or heart disease, for instance, simply means that one has genetic, environmental and other factors that may increase one’s risk of developing these diseases at some point in one’s life. Being predisposed to drug and alcohol abuse is much the same thing. Those who have a family history of drug or alcohol abuse and …Read More

Breaking Free From The Chains Of Heroin And Opiate Abuse In Connecticut

Heroin and Opiate abuse are becoming increasingly problematic within Connecticut, and yet for those who are seeking treatment, there aren’t many options available. Understanding the challenges that are faced by individuals within this community, as well as the lack of resources that are available to aid them can go a long way in demonstrating just how important effective treatment measures are. Lack Of Available Rehab Programs in Connecticut At this …Read More

Sharp Rise In Infants Born With Opiate Withdrawal In The United States

A recent study has shown a sharp rise in the number of infants that have been born addicted to Opiates in the United States, and the figures surrounding this have brought some very serious issues to light relating to pain pill addiction in the western world. Many people are referring to this as a “pain pill epidemic”, and while many professionals have known about the existence of this issue, it …Read More

Getting Clean In New Jersey: The Difficulties Faced By Heroin And Opiate Users

It’s Harder Than Ever To Find Treatment in New Jersey, But Sober Freedom Can Help – Get Help Now. Heroin and Opiate use seems to be on the rise in the state of New Jersey, which means that effective programs need to be put in place to combat this rising problem. The issue, however, is that the state seems unable to effectively cope with the demands of this epidemic, which …Read More

Prescription Drug Addiction And Abuse In America

Studies have shown that prescription drug abuse has grown substantially in the United States over the past few years. Prescription drug abuse is intentionally using medication without having a valid prescription for it or using it in a way other than what it was prescribed for. While this is certainly not a new issue in the United States, it is one that is quickly growing out of control. A study …Read More