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Recovery From Prescription Drug Abuse

While it may not be an illegal substance, the growing issue of prescription drug abuse is a new problem facing society today. No one chooses to become an addict especially in situations where one is taking prescription drugs. Reports show that one in every five Americans has reported misusing a prescription drug at one time or another but that in itself does not make them an addict. Most people will …Read More

The Negative Effects Of Addiction On Family

One of the reasons that individuals choose to remain addicts is because of their inability to see the negative effects their actions have on their loved ones. While in the throes of addiction they can only see their immediate needs and wants they are compelled by the drug to push for regardless of who is in their way. It is only after they have gone through detox and are in …Read More

How To Shelve Your Stress During Early Sobriety

Once you’ve passed your twelve step program, left the treatment facility and are working your way toward a complete recovery, you may find yourself feeling more agitated and anxious from time to time. This is completely normal, especially as you may still be coping with the fear of relapsing. Family stressors, relationship drama and work problems can all take their toll on you, especially if lack of sleep and inability …Read More

How Inpatient Recovery Programs Work To Get You Better

Addiction is a serious problem facing thousands of people around the globe, and although it is an ongoing issue that sometimes seems to have no end in sight, there are treatments available to help support you and your family during this difficult time. These treatments are generally divided into two different classifications – inpatient and outpatient care. While outpatient care works for those who have milder addiction issues to face, …Read More

Using The 12 Step Program To Recover From Addiction

Certain people often have a very negative opinion of anyone who is suffering from an addiction. It is seen as a lack of willpower and addicts are viewed as being selfish and putting themselves ahead of everyone else. In truth, addiction is a physical problem and it is a disease of the brain. For sufferers, this is a life long battle as the compulsion to drink or take drugs will …Read More

Sharp Rise In Infants Born With Opiate Withdrawal In The United States

A recent study has shown a sharp rise in the number of infants that have been born addicted to Opiates in the United States, and the figures surrounding this have brought some very serious issues to light relating to pain pill addiction in the western world. Many people are referring to this as a “pain pill epidemic”, and while many professionals have known about the existence of this issue, it …Read More

Wanting To Recover Is The First Step In Overcoming Drug Abuse

Many people have heard the saying that the first step in recovery from any addiction is admitting to the problem. Without knowing that you have a problem and without wanting to change, change will often not come. Admitting to the problem and wanting to make it better are both essential parts of any substance abuse recovery. If you or someone you love has a drug or alcohol abuse problem, wanting …Read More