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Substance Addiction – Is It Time For An Intervention?

Substance addiction or abuse can be very tough on loved ones, particularly the family members who reside with the individual concerned who will only ever want what is best. They may try many ways in which to help the person with the addiction and in some cases this has proven to be successful. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case for every situation and it can be difficult for a …Read More

The Four Phases Of A Professional Intervention

An intervention is something which is needed for a person who has an addiction to, or is abusing an illicit substance, that could be a drug or alcohol. Many families try to take matters into their own hands and stage their own version of an intervention. This may work in the short term but generally more professional interventions have a much higher success rate. Right Person For The Job No …Read More

Steps To Staging An Intervention For A Loved One With An Addiction

In severe cases of addiction there are many steps that need to be taken to get the appropriate level of help. In some of these cases, a family intervention might be necessary to allow your friend or family member to understand how their addiction is hurting the people around them and more importantly to show that they will be supported through this crisis. Before you go forward with this procedure …Read More