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Breaking Free From The Chains Of Heroin And Opiate Abuse In Connecticut

Heroin and Opiate abuse are becoming increasingly problematic within Connecticut, and yet for those who are seeking treatment, there aren’t many options available. Understanding the challenges that are faced by individuals within this community, as well as the lack of resources that are available to aid them can go a long way in demonstrating just how important effective treatment measures are. Lack Of Available Rehab Programs in Connecticut At this …Read More

Wanting To Recover Is The First Step In Overcoming Drug Abuse

Many people have heard the saying that the first step in recovery from any addiction is admitting to the problem. Without knowing that you have a problem and without wanting to change, change will often not come. Admitting to the problem and wanting to make it better are both essential parts of any substance abuse recovery. If you or someone you love has a drug or alcohol abuse problem, wanting …Read More

How Americans With Alcohol And Drug Addiction May Benefit From The Health Care Reform

New data gathered by government officials suggests that there is a strong need for many Americans to have better access to addiction treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. The Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap Initiative suggests that there are millions of Americans who currently do not have coverage that would pay for inpatient or outpatient treatment as needed. If the health care reform is implemented properly however, this could help …Read More