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What You Should Know About The Dangers Of Alcohol Addiction

Recent studies have shown extraordinarily high incidences of alcohol addiction throughout the United States, although it seems that people are woefully unaware of the dangers associated with alcohol abuse. Some of the symptoms associated with this condition are more severe than others, although they all pose a real danger in the long run. The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction Some of the most common signs of alcohol addiction have to do …Read More

The Link Between Substance Abuse And Suicide

True Stories of Addiction: Daniel Daniel’s true story shows that families with addiction problems heavily influence the behaviors of others within the family. Daniel grew up living a normal life but alcohol abuse led him to suicidal thoughts and actions. Luckily, Daniel made the choice to reach out for help. He’s been sober now for almost 4 years and Daniel is an example that sobriety is possible, deserved and achievable. …Read More