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Study Finds 1 In 6 Unemployed Adults In The United States Suffer From Alcohol Addiction

A recent study was conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health that found that about 1 in every 5 unemployed adults within the United States actually struggle with alcohol addiction. This finding is so surprising because it is double the national average of working Americans which means that it is statistically significant enough to warrant attention from the medical community. Self Report Survey This survey is taken …Read More

Why Some Refuse Treatment For Substance Dependency

Seeking treatment for chemical dependency is essential to recovery. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that they are dependent and actually need treatment. There are others who know that they have a problem but simply refuse help and there are a number of reasons why they refuse to get that help. You may wonder why that person who is clearly addicted to prescription painkillers does not simply enter a drug rehab program. …Read More