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Eating Clean To Promote A More Stable Recovery

Healing from an addiction takes more than mental clarity and an emotional outlet. It also takes the strength and willpower to make some serious physical changes in your life, and one of these can be what you’re putting into your body on a regular basis. If you think about the way that you eat and how it affects your thought patterns, it’s easy to see why it can be so …Read More

The Four Phases Of A Professional Intervention

An intervention is something which is needed for a person who has an addiction to, or is abusing an illicit substance, that could be a drug or alcohol. Many families try to take matters into their own hands and stage their own version of an intervention. This may work in the short term but generally more professional interventions have a much higher success rate. Right Person For The Job No …Read More

How Americans With Alcohol And Drug Addiction May Benefit From The Health Care Reform

New data gathered by government officials suggests that there is a strong need for many Americans to have better access to addiction treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. The Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap Initiative suggests that there are millions of Americans who currently do not have coverage that would pay for inpatient or outpatient treatment as needed. If the health care reform is implemented properly however, this could help …Read More