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Finding Treatment For Painkiller Addiction That Works For You

Painkiller Addiction

Unfortunately, the overuse of painkillers is becoming more and more common throughout the world, and along with this extended use comes an inability to cut them out of your system. This type of addiction can come from even the most routine dosage based on a physician’s orders after a surgical procedure. Over time your body will come to rely on the numbness and euphoric sensations that can follow. In order to get yourself or a loved one away from these medications you may need to seek assistance from an inpatient clinic, where you can find the support and medical attention necessary to get you through with the least amount of discomfort available.

Battling Symptoms

Detoxification is a process that many rehabilitation treatment clinics will put you through in order to completely rid the drugs from your system in order to begin recovery at a clean state. Before you get to a point where this service can commence you’ve got to wean yourself off of your medication one step at a time by lessening the amount you take as a daily dose. Once you’re at a level that will allow you to cut yourself off without feeling extreme levels of pain or discomfort, this process will begin. Detox is a way for your body to flush out all of the excess toxins and chemicals that you’ve been putting inside of it, but the problem is that while you’ve been using your body has built up a tolerance and dependency for these drugs, so when you take them away you’re going to feel it. Different levels of anxiety, agitation, an inability to sleep, and even a sick stomach are the felt in the early stages of this level. For the first week to a week and a half you may incur these and other feelings like hot flashes and excessive heavy sweats. Don’t panic; it’s very rare for pain killer withdrawal to do more than make you feel sick and uncomfortable. However, if you ever feel short of breathe or pain begins in your chest you should consult a doctor or head to the hospital immediately.

Getting Into The Right Program

Depending on the intensity of your addiction, you may be required to stay in an inpatient care facility for a few weeks or a few months. This is where you’ve got to be true to yourself and be honestly motivated to get better, because if you’re suffering from an extreme need for these drugs then a longer stay is really what you need. The more time that you get away from painkillers the less likely you are to relapse and start using again as soon as you’re on your own. Before you determine your length of stay though, you’ve got to find a program that will suit your lifestyle and personality. There are a few facilities out there with very strict programs that offer no room for growth or differentiation, but the majority of centers give you the ability to tailor your program to your own personal needs. Whether you need more time with your family, sessions with a personal counselor for one on one therapy, or you prefer being in a group setting for support and the reassurance that you’re not alone.


Rehabilitation is a costly business, and this is unfortunately where many addicts find a problem, because addiction is also quite costly, which leaves those who have abused bank and credit cards without a way to set things right. Don’t panic; individual insurance, and state financed types are accepted at many different facilities and some offer payment programs so that you’re not required to forfeit one lump sum in order to get the help that you need.

Extra Assistance

Sometimes when drugs are involved, it’s easy to completely miss the fact that those suffering from addiction are plagued by more than just a need to use. How an addict feels both emotionally and mentally can be less balanced than originally assumed, and this can cause damage to the rehabilitation process. Of course, many treatment centers come equipped with a top team of psychologists and even psychiatrists in order to help you work through any underlying issues that could be tying you to the continuing use of painkillers and any other drugs you might be associated with.

Physical Appeal

Lastly, you must be comfortable and at peace in order to begin this kind of transformation, and this is why so many treatment centers are located in such beautiful settings. Reminding patients of health spas rather than rehab facilities, these buildings are erected and run in many different regions from homey ranches to the solitary setting of a mountain range.