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Morphine Addiction And Available Treatment Options

Morphine Addiction

Morphine is a medication that is usually given to patients in order to help them get relief from pain, and it is one of the most effective in its class for treating severe pain. There have been many new medications that have come out since morphine, but they are all tested against the efficacy standards set by the drug. Morphine comes under a variety of brand names that are all available on the market, and in the US you might see them as RMS, Oramorph SR, Kadian, Roxanole and MSIR. In addition to the pain relieving benefits, many doctors will also prescribe it as a sedative for patients that have undergone surgery.

Not only does the drug come in many brand names, but it also has many forms and ways it can be taken. A patient can take the medication orally, through injection, suppositories, capsules, or tablets, but one thing is clear, no matter how you take the drug, it can be very addictive. Once you start taking it, there is a potential for you to become addicted to the drug.

You are Not the Only One

In many cases, addiction to morphine is a serious and life-threatening problem, and it does not only effect the person with the addiction. Often times the people that are hit the hardest are the loved ones that have to live or work next to the addict on a daily basis. Once it is determined that a person is suffering from addiction, it is crucial that they seek help and treatment before the disorder gets out of hand and ruins not only their life, but the lives of everyone around them.

Drug Rehabilitation

The best place to turn for guidance is a professional drug rehabilitation rehab center, and the good thing about these programs is that they do not tell an addict how wrong they were in the past, they only teach them how they can avoid problems like this in the future. The addict will gain extensive knowledge about how they can take control and change the quality of their lives, moving on to lead fulfilling, successful lives without morphine.

Drug rehab programs offer a safe and stable environment that is favorable to addiction recovery, and the most successful programs are the three month long residential ones. These three month long programs many look like a really long period of time to be in recovery, but the overall quality of life they can bring to the life of a recovering addict is just fantastic.

Usually, drug treatment centers divide up the recovery program into multiple phases, the first of which starts with physically detoxing from the drug they were addicted to. There are many other factors that can be detrimental to a recovering addict such as meeting people from their drug abuse days, living in the same kind of environment, and sometimes even smells or objects can bring about difficult addiction memories and create psychological stress for the person trying to quit. The obvious goal of rehab centers is for the addict to complete recovery, but this can be complicated by those small but difficult stress factors.

Life Changing

The majority of the time, a drug addict does not want to believe that they need to seek help because of their addiction, and often they believe that they will be able to quit on their own, without the help of a rehab center. But these treatment programs can help someone suffering with a morphine addiction to completely change their life. The professional staff members and therapists understand what it’s like to go through addiction, and to complete recovery, and they are available to help you every step of the way. Many programs also offer services like holistic treatments, and may also include things like fitness, relaxation, meditation, nutrition, and yoga.


Suboxone can be a great deal of help for people wanting to get rid of their habit but are scared of the physical and psychological struggles that come with withdrawal. When used as intended, this prescription medication can help addicts to overcome their opiate addiction, and since it was approved by the FDA, it has been given to thousands of people who were then able to break free from their addiction. One great thing about this kind of medical treatment is that it can take place in a private doctor’s office instead of the patient having to seek residential treatment for detox, making it a lot easier on the person trying to quit, and their families.