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Make a Positive Change with a Marijuana Rehab Program: Call us at 866.434.2630

To many people marijuana is not a drug of abuse. Many states have legalized the drug and perhaps more will follow suit. Does this mean it cannot be abused? The answer should be clear: any drug, legal, prescribed or over the counter can be abused. If marijuana use is causing you problems in school, at work, with friends and family or physically then you’re probably abusing marijuana and you may need treatment.

If you are unable to stop smoking marijuana or if your use of marijuana is causing you problems, please call the Sober Freedom hotline at any time, day or night, at 866.434.2630.

Emerging Trends in Marijuana Use, its addiction and its abuse

Many states allow for the cultivation and sale of marijuana in dispensaries and this has lead to many growers feeling pressure to increase the THC levels of their crop to compete with other growers. The result is that marijuana is growing in potency faster than ever. Moreover, many people have started to use new methods of bringing the highest possible levels of THC direct to the consumer by way of extracting THC from marijuana by forcing butane through compressed marijuana. The resulting product is referred to as honey oil, ear wax or hash oil. Few studies have been conducted on the short or long term effects of smoking almost pure THC extracted by using solvents.

Getting to Treatment

Sober Freedom makes the transition easy by helping you from step one all the way towards the final steps in achieving sobriety. We maintain facilities throughout the nation and operate a 24/7 hotline making it convenient to get help. Call Today 866.434.2630.

Short Term and Long Term Effects From Marijuana

The short term effects of marijuana are impaired memory, poor coordination and changes in perception of time, vision and hearing. What may come as a surprise is that marijuana use increases heart rate for about one hour after its use. Depending on the amount smoked and the concentration of TCH, some users may experience mild visual and auditory hallucinations.

There’s a wide variety of resources that catalog long term effects of marijuana use and most indicate very similar effects such as memory impairment and heart and lung problems similar to those experienced by long term cigarette smokers. However, long term clinical studies are lacking.

Is Marijuana Really a Gateway Drug? What Does That Mean?

Proponents of marijuana will claim it isn’t a gateway drug. Present users will claim it is not a gateway drug. But ask most people that have recovered from drug and alcohol abuse and most all will admit they started down their destructive path by smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

There’s a wealth of online publications that claim marijuana is not a gateway drug but a recent study at Yale found a correlation between smoking marijuana and abusing prescription drugs. This was not a small study and its results were similar for both males and females aged 18-25. Of the 55,000 plus sampled, marijuana smokers were 2.5 times more likely than their non marijuana smoking counterparts to abuse prescription drugs.

For Concerned Parents, Family & Friends Worried for a Loved One

It may be difficult to convince a family member or friend that they have a problem with marijuana. They may say it’s legal in the state, they may say that it’s less harmful than other drugs of abuse or that alcohol is much worse. However, the facts of their life and behavior speak for themselves. If they are acting differently, missing work and/or school, if they no longer find enjoyment in the things they used to enjoy prior to their habit then they most likely have a problem.

If you are having a difficult time talking to your loved one or friend about the harm they are doing to themselves Sober Freedom can help. Not only does Sober Freedom offer residential treatment for marijuana abuse but we also offer family intervention services. We can come to you and help you make your family member or friend realize the damage they are doing to themselves and help them understand why they need treatment.

“It’s Not As Harmless As You Think.”

  • What Does Rehab Look Like?

    We’re not restricted to a specific treatment program; instead we can create a treatment program that’s right for you. With facilities across the country we can design a program to fit your individual needs with a location conducive for your particular style of recovery.

    Get Help Now

  • Rehabilitation By The Beach
    Sober Freedom maintains treatment facilities in beach communities in California and in Florida. If you’re looking to focus on recovery in a beautiful setting, ask a staff member about our beach close facilities.

  • Country Getaway For Rehab
    Some people prefer mountain and country locations in their efforts to begin anew and learn to live a happy and sober life. If you’re interested in our mountain and country facilities, ask a staff member for more info.

  • Peace & Quiet For Recovery
    No matter where you stay with Sober Freedom, you can rest assured that all of our facilities offer relaxing environments where you can focus on what matters most: your recovery. If you have questions about our facilities call now.

Marijuana Rehab

Click here to learn more about the residential treatment programs offered by Sober Freedom. We’ll help you understand how to get in to treatment today.

Marijuana Detox

If you’re suffering from or afraid of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, we can help. Sober Freedom offers detox programs nationwide.

Marijuana Intervention

We understand it can be hard to convince a family member to go to treatment. Let our licensed Interventionists help you get them into a program that works.

Some Facts about Marijuana

New Findings

Cigarette use in minors has decreased while marijuana use has increased. Today, more teens have smoked marijuana than are addicted to nicotine. This trend may be the result of effective anti-smoking campaigns, the wider acceptance and legalization of marijuana or a combination of both.

Marijuana and Driving

Marijuana impairs one’s ability to drive. Increasing amounts of THC may make more potent strains of marijuana even more dangerous for drivers under the influence. Often times, people mix marijuana and alcohol and this increases driving impairment substantially.

Chronic Use

Chronic users that start young do not do as well as their peers long term. In studies that track long term users of marijuana, findings indicate lower levels of achievement, lower income levels and satisfaction with life.

Getting Help

Help is easy to find if you want to find it. If you or a loved one have a problem with marijuana, call Sober Freedom today at 866.434.2630.