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The Dangers Of Ketamine Addiction And Finding The Right Treatment

ketamine addiction

I have known a lot of people over the years who have fallen under the ketamine spell. Watching from the side lines, I have found it to be a disturbing drug which was responsible for many heartaches and I find myself asking if it is worth it. Ketamine is a drug which is used in both human and animal related medicine. It is used as a sedative or as a general anaesthetic and can have a wide range of effects, some of which can be particularly nasty.

Various street names for ketamine include K, Special K, Vitamin K, super acid, super c, bump, cat Valium, green, honey oil, special la coke and jet.

What Does It Do?

An experience of taking ketamine can be completely different for each person due to the different effects in can have. For some people they may just feel as if they are floating or just really relaxed, others can experience a complete separation between the body and mind, their muscles become paralysed and they just completely dissociate from themselves. Others may experience hallucinations or a distorted sense of reality similar to that which is experienced when a person takes LSD.

The Bad Effects

As with all drugs, both prescription and illegal, there are negative side effects and the ones for ketamine can be quite severe. As the drug is used for anesthetic purposes it is designed to slow down, or shut down completely, parts of the body. This is why most users experience muscle paralysis, however you can also experience confusion, agitation and even memory loss both short and long term. You may take part in tasks which you have no recollection of once the drug has worn off and this can be very dangerous. Ketamine also raises your heart rate and blood pressure whilst decreasing your rate of respiration. A much more serious effect in regular users is that the bladder can be damaged to the point where it needs to be surgically removed.

Addiction and Dependence

It is very possible to become dependent and addicted to ketamine and it does not really take a huge amount of the drug for this to happen. If you start to take it regularly you will build up a tolerance meaning you need to take more of the drug to experience the same level of “high”, obviously the higher this dose gets the more danger there is to other aspects of your health but many people take more ketamine as a way to block out the pain caused by the drug in the first place and so a vicious circle begins.


Treatment for ketamine addiction is similar to treatment for most other drugs or alcohol. It often involves a stay in a drug rehabilitation center whilst detoxing. Then once the detox has been completed there will have to be lots of counseling and re-education. Talking in therapy sessions, both group and individual, about the circumstances which led you to the addiction in the first place and the steps you can take to recover and lead a life of sobriety, would be required. Eventually, the patient will be released back to the “real world” to start over. However, it should be noted that the journey of recovering from addiction is life long.