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Knowing The Warning Signs Of K2-Salvia-Spice Addiction & Treatment

k2- salvia spice addiction You may have heard the term “Spice” in reference to a common herbal mixture that produces experiences similar to marijuana but is touted as being a “safe” and legal alternative to cannabis. This particular drug has many names users may use: K2, fake weed, Yucatan Fire, Skunk, Moon Rocks, and even more. Whatever the case, these popular drugs take dried, shredded plants and add a concoction of chemicals to them to induce the mind-altering effects.

While this drug may be legal it contains a compound that mimics THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana but with more dangerous effects. The THC imitator has been found to be even more dangerous and a hundred times more potent than the actual marijuana. Inhaling this chemical can cause damage to the lungs and even more serious damage to a person’s physical body.

Because it is most often smoked the drug can affect the heart, the brain and the respiratory system. At the same time it can create psychopathic symptoms of paranoia, hallucinations, and spark major psychotic episodes.

Warning Signs of Addiction

Use of Spice on a regular basis can easily lead to addiction without warning. If you suspect someone has developed this type of habit look for the warning signs. A person that is constantly restless, paranoid, or displays strange and erratic behavior may be showing signs of an addictive habit.

K2 is considered to be more potent than the natural product because of its effects on the brain. Sometimes the symptoms can increase a person’s risk of paranoia, hearing voices, disorganized behavior and panic symptoms and depending on the individual, these symptoms can last for as little as a few days but as long as a few months.

If this is the case it is important that you get help immediately. Especially in the case of many teenagers it has been reported that in just one year nearly 7,000 calls were received because of teen use of K2 a number double that of the previous year.

Treatment Options

There are a number of treatment options available for those who are addicted to Spice and the choice of treatment will really depend on the individual. Factors to be considered in the decision will be the atmosphere of the center, their experience with this drug, their methods and their location.

The treatment center you choose should focus on more than just the detoxing phase of recovery but instead treat the whole body. This means that in addition to cleaning the physical body (through detoxification) and psychiatric counseling to retrain the brain, they will also promote physical exercise and other lifestyle improvements so that when you leave the center you are fully capable of reentering the world a more capable person.

Whether the treatment you’re seeking is for yourself or for someone you care about you should seek the guidance from a counselor, medical professional, or a treatment center to help you make the steps to rid your life of the Spice habit. The end result of prolonged use of this drug could lead to serious long-term, life altering problems that could possibly end up being permanent if they are not addressed properly.