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Designer Drug Rehab

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About Our Designer Drug Rehab Program: Call us at 866.434.2630

Designer drugs pose an increasing danger and health risk throughout the United States. Designer drugs are popular among those aged 18-30 and among those that are required to submit to random drug screening such as parolees and members of the armed forces. While many designer drugs are labeled for use other than their intended purpose, users know exactly what these designer drugs are supposed to do. In general, the most common designer drugs sold legally or illegally over the counter in head shops and tobacco stores, fall in to two categories: (1) those that are supposed to mimic the high of marijuana and (2) those that are supposed to mimic the high of cocaine or methamphetamines. These drugs, which are untested before going to market, pose severe health risks to users and can be exceedingly addictive.

If you use designer drugs like bath salts or spice and you need help, please call the Sober Freedom hotline at any time, day or night, at 866.434.2630.

What are Designer Drugs? What Are the Dangers?

Designer drugs are what the name implies: drugs chemically designed to mimic the high experienced by using a specific illegal drug. Since the designer drug is chemically different from its illegal counterpart, in many cases, the drugs can be sold legally, even over the counter, throughout the United States. Many present day illegal drugs, such as MDMA (Ecstasy) were originally legal and synthesized in a lab. In the 80’s, MDMA was lade illegal but there’s a big difference between what’s happening today with designer drugs and what happened in the past. MDMA was not originally intended to circumvent the law. Today, there’s an entire industry devoted to synthesizing drugs specifically to skirt the law and many people purchase chemicals for sale online.

For Concerned Parents, Spouse, Family & Friends Who Want to Help

If you have a child, spouse, family member or friend that is abusing designer drugs, we can help. We understand its difficult to pin down exactly what they are using or how frequently they use. They may be passing drug screens but still exhibit drug induced behavior. They may indicate it’s “ok” to use them because they are legal. We understand and our feeling about designer drugs is just like other drugs of abuse: whatever substance they are using or addicted to doesn’t matter;; if they’re addicted there is a problem.

Sober Freedom can help you learn more about treatment options we offer throughout the country. We can help you arrange for travel to a treatment facility and we will help you take care of paying for treatment through insurance or other means.

Dangers Associated with Designer Stimulants

One of the greatest dangers associated with designer stimulants, like bath salts, is that few people understand the true effects the drug will have on the body until people start showing up in emergency rooms. Some important questions that users of other drugs cannot adequately answer are how long the effects of the drug will last, how intense the effects will be and, more importantly, what is a recommended dose. Since no one labels drugs like bath salts for human consumption, users cannot understand the answers to these questions. Subsequently, a lot can go wrong.

As with all stimulants, the result of taking them is an increased feeling of energy, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure. With bath salts, users can feel all of these effects and experience hallucinations, drug induced psychosis and increased aggression that may lead to harming others or one’s self. People that overdose on bath salts may be found roaming the streets, speaking incoherently while exhibiting many of the same outward signs of PCP users.

Dangers Associated with Designer Depressants

There’s a growing number of retailers that offer “legal” alternatives to marijuana. These designer drugs may go by the names of herbal incense, spice and K2. The effects of the drug can be much more severe than marijuana. Smoking spice may induce paranoia, cause the user to experience involuntary shakes, experience increased blood pressure and heart rate and has been shown to induce psychosis.

Why do People take Designer Drugs and What is its Appeal?

Many people turn to designer drugs for a number of reasons. First, many designer drugs do not show up on drug screenings. Second, the specific effects felt by using designer drugs may be considered superior by the user. Third, they are often times cheaper and legal. Last, designer drugs can be more powerful than their illegal alternatives.

  • What Does Rehab Look Like?

    We’re not restricted to a specific treatment program; instead we can create a treatment program that’s right for you. With facilities across the country we can design a program to fit your individual needs with a location conducive for your particular style of recovery.

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  • Rehabilitation By The Beach
    Sober Freedom maintains treatment facilities in beach communities in California and in Florida. If you’re looking to focus on recovery in a beautiful setting, ask a staff member about our beach close facilities.

  • Country Getaway For Rehab
    Some people prefer mountain and country locations in their efforts to begin anew and learn to live a happy and sober life. If you’re interested in our mountain and country facilities, ask a staff member for more info.

  • Peace & Quiet For Recovery
    No matter where you stay with Sober Freedom, you can rest assured that all of our facilities offer relaxing environments where you can focus on what matters most: your recovery. If you have questions about our facilities call now.

Designer Drug Rehab

Click here to learn more about the residential treatment programs offered by Sober Freedom. We’ll help you understand how to get in to treatment today.

Designer Drug Detox

If you’re suffering from or afraid of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, we can help. Sober Freedom offers detox programs nationwide.

Intervention Services

We understand it can be hard to convince a family member to go to treatment. Let Sober Freedom’s licensed Interventionists help you get them care.

Getting Help with Designer Drugs

Recognizing a Problem

While many designer drugs may be techically legal, they pose many of the same health risks and end up causing significant problems personally and socially. Does your designer drug use result in lower grades or cause you to miss work? Do you no longer enjoy the things that made you happy before you started using? Do you experience a “crash” or hangover after using the drug? Do you have uncontrollable cravings? Have you been arrested after using the drug? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider getting help.

Reaching Out

Getting help for your problems is easy. Taking the first step towards recovery is often times the hardest part. Sober Freedom offers a wide range of treatment options in facilities throughout the United States. We can help you understand your treatment options and help you find ways to get to treatment and pay for it through insurance or other means.

The Role of Insurance

In most cases, insurance can pay for treatment of designer drug use. Sober Freedom can talk to your provider to understand if you qualify. Even if you don’t have insurance, we can help. Sober Freedom offers financing for treatment and our job is to help you get in to treatment as fast as possible without having to worry about where the money will come from. Our philosophy is that dealing with addiction is hard enough and payment should be the last of your concerns.

Get Help Now

If you would like more information about our treatment options and how you can begin your path of recovery, call Sober Freedom today at 866.434.2630.