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Adderall Addiction and Treatment

Adderall Addiction

Using Adderall Inappropriately and The Risk Of Addiction

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD for short is a psychiatric disorder in which individuals struggle to retain levels of attention and may also act impulsively or inappropriately. It commonly affects children between the ages of 6 and 12 and can be a life long condition. It is controlled by certain drugs which help the person to keep their focus and attention as well as reducing the amount of impulsive behaviors. One of those drugs is Adderall, which is a very strong amphetamine psycho-stimulant and can also be used to treat narcolepsy and other similar conditions.


This drug is probably the most commonly prescribed medication for ADHD with almost 14 million monthly prescriptions written on a yearly basis for either the immediate release or extended release versions. It has proven to be very beneficial when used long term at therapeutic doses and can cause positive changes in the way the brain of a person with ADHD functions.

What Does It Do?

In children, Adderall works immensely well at relaxing and calming down those who are hyperactive, once children grow in to teenagers though something changes. Where as before it calmed them down, now the drug starts to stimulate their systems providing an enjoyable high. It can enable users to stay awake for days at a time so is a popular choice for anyone who is studying for a test or who has other important tasks to accomplish. It is at this point that teenagers may start sharing their prescription Adderall with friends so that they can share and enjoy the experience as well.

Bad Effects

As with most things in life, nothing you do or take is ever risk free and this is the same for Adderall use. The drug stimulates the heart and so it can cause an irregular heartbeat at the normal prescribed dose, however if a person is taking a much higher dose than they should be the risk of developing heart problems is much higher and the problems can be more severe such as a heart attack or stroke. Adderall is often taken along side other drugs like ecstasy or marijuana and this dramatically increases the risk of complications and overdose. In addition to this, staying awake for days on end may seem like a good thing, but once the drug has worn off the tiredness will be extreme so they will need to sleep for days to recover. This completely messes with any type of social schedule you may have to adhere to.

Adderall Addiction

Addiction occurs when a person starts to experience withdrawal effects once the drug starts to wear off, they may have a headache, be irritable or depressed, experience nausea and feel a desperate need to take more of the drug just to avoid feeling this way. It is very possible to experience this when taking Adderall as it is a highly addictive drug, however it is important to note that if the drug is taken at the normal prescribed dose, addiction is rare it is only in those that abuse the drug, ignore their doctors advice and take much higher doses than they are supposed to, that addiction becomes a problem.


Treatment for an Addiction or dependency to Adderall will more than likely involved a stay in a drug rehabilitation center. Addicts will need to go through the painful detox stage which can be very physically distressing and this is when many would be tempted to relapse so it is important to keep them away from any temptation whilst this happens. Once detoxing has finished they will then move on to the counselling and re-education stage. This is where an addict learns about the nature of their disease and what led them to addiction in the first place, it is thought that by understanding the process a recovering addict will be less likely to return to drug taking once they leave the center. They will also be taught how to go back to a normal and sober life once they return home.

After Rehab

Once rehabilitation is finished and the recovering patients are allowed to return home they will continue to be supported whilst they re-integrate back into normal life. The journey of recovering from a drug addiction is one that they will be on for the rest of their lives so group therapy sessions are thought to be very helpful in the outside world. These sessions will offer a chance to give and receive support as well as share experiences and has proven to work very well in keeping them sober.