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Introduction To First Health Insurance For Rehab

Every year, more than 23 million people become victims of a powerful drug addiction. Some of those addictions are from habit forming prescription drugs and others are from illegal substances. For people who are trapped in this physically and psychologically debilitating lifestyle, finding the right kind of help is most likely the only solution they have to get relief.

For those with First Health Insurance you can be exposed to more than one million medical professionals under their umbrella that can help you to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that come with a drug addicted life.

For those who need substance abuse rehabilitation, First Health has providers in every state in the country as well as in Puerto Rico. For those with less severe addictions your treatment could be covered in a few simple doctor’s visits, but they are also available to assist with more serious addictions as well. Finding rehabilitation centers, specialists, the right inpatient environment or anything else can be resolved quickly under the guidance of First Health.

Addiction Treatment Lengths

Treatment for substance abuse of any kind can vary depending on a number of factors; each drug itself may require a different method of detoxing and handling psychological damage. Other factors that could determine the type of treatment you need is your level of dependency, your physical health, and your mental disposition. All of these factors make it impossible for a one size fits all kind of program.

Unlike with other insurance companies your recovery from your addiction may be dictated by the amount of the bill more than the success of your recovery. An insurance company may be willing to pay for only a few days when in fact the patient may need a month or more for full recovery. When treatment has not been adequately administered it leaves the patient open for relapse.

With First Health working with the user’s primary care physician your treatment plans will be dictated by your immediate medical needs. Once you go through the preadmission phase where you will meet and consult with your doctor the length of your treatment will be determined. That way you’ll have a much better chance at success as you strive to rid yourself of this difficult habit.

For Those Who Need Specialty Treatment

Some First Health customers may be eligible for specialty treatment options instead of the traditional program. Depending on the coverage that you have you may have the option to do your recovery at a luxury rehabilitation center, which will make your recovery feel more like a resort vacation than a hospital stay. At luxury recovery centers you’ll have the beautiful views, room service, and massage and spa treatments.

Some of these centers will allow you to recover in a much more peaceful and calming way removing much of the physical, mental, psychological, and emotional stresses that you may otherwise have to endure.

Insurance Vs. Outpatient Treatments

According to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 you are guaranteed the right to seek treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. While the law was specifically written for those who have mental disorders, it also states that those with substance abuse problems be treated in the exact same manner.

What does this mean for you? Simply that you are free to choose between inpatient and outpatient network doctors for your medical treatment. Knowing this fact allows you the freedom to search through residential centers and inpatient facilities to make sure that you’re given the best service possible. You are also free to opt for outpatient treatments that will allow you to seek the needed assistance and be home in the daytime. This is an option that many people with families or with a regular job since it can help them to return well taken care of.

Still, with all of these possibilities, finding the right treatment center can present you with a whole new set of challenges. For the average person the cost is very prohibitive so having First Health Network coverage can be very instrumental in reducing the costs of treatment. When you have the best of everything, while you may enjoy it, it will cost you

Getting clean and healthy and relieving yourself from this type of habit can be very frightening. It is important that you talk with a First Health insurance expert to help you make the right choice. When that is done you will have a much higher chance of success for your efforts. First Health professionals can help you to determine the right approach to your successful venture.