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Introduction To Cigna Insurance For Rehab

The fight against drug and alcohol addiction involves more than just your physical health. It can also have a very heavy impact on your financial health as well. Those who choose to break free from their addictive habit have a long road ahead of them and the path is full of many setbacks and obstacles. Especially for those who choose to go it alone, the challenge can be too hard to overcome and the risk of slipping back into the practice of using the drug is much higher than for those who choose to get professional assistance.

If you’re a member of Cigna there are other options available to you that can help you to meet the difficult days ahead with more confidence. Cigna Insurance has a number of different drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that can provide you with rehabilitation every step of the way. From beginning to full recovery and re-immersion back into a normal lifestyle can be drastically simplified with the help of Cigna approved therapy centers.

The Behavioral Health Services

With Cigna Insurance the consumer must first meet with a primary care physician. After the physician has met with the patient and assessed their immediate needs he then will meet with the management staff to determine what recommendations are best for treatment. There are a number of different mental health conditions that are covered by Cigna Insurance so the patient has many different options.

Once a treatment method is decided upon the next step is to choose the right rehabilitation center for the patient. These centers will vary depending on the state you live in. These behavioral Health Services can take place in a number of different environments. In some areas a patient may be hospitalized for the detoxification process and then moved to a residential service for counseling and monitoring. Other environments could include intensive outpatient programs, emergency assessments, semi-hospitalization, and any number of other locations.

The Behavioral Health Services can run the full gambit of needs when it comes to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. It starts with the first evaluation and methods of stabilizing your immediate condition and can continue until you have been fully re-acclimated back into society. Choosing the right kind of treatment is just as important as choosing to get help at all.

The Cost

The cost of substance abuse treatment can be quite expensive. Depending on the kind of policy you carry you may pay nothing while the other side of the coin would be meeting the full cost of your treatment option. Remember, your treatment is not just to get you off of the dependency you have developed but it starts with your detoxification, then goes on to treat you through counseling and followed up with a full battery of psychiatric care. All together this could amount to a pretty hefty bill in the process. And if you’re dealing with teenagers the costs could be even more. Part of the reason for this is that even healthy, clean teenagers have an entire battery of mental issues to contend with; anxiety, depression, constantly changing hormonal levels, and avoidant personality disorders are all common in the lives of teens. Add that to one that has developed addictive habits and you have a seriously difficult situation to overcome. Treating these issues can end up being very cost prohibitive.

The best way to circumvent those additional charges is to always choose providers that are on the approved list of medical and mental health professionals that Cigna uses.

When the Treatment Needs to Be Long Term

Whenever you’re looking at a long-term treatment plan it is strongly suggested that you consult with Cigna Insurance representatives along with an adviser on any relevant laws before deciding on a long-term program. There may be times when the Cigna provider you have may not cover any long-term treatments and there may be a cap on the amount of services you can use. If that happens a professional analyst may be able to study the case and determine if it may be qualified by some other method.

Getting the needed help for you or a loved one to break free from the difficult challenges that are associated with drug abuse may not be the easiest task for you but it will be well worth it in the end. Addictive habits of one individual may wreak havoc on many people besides the patient. The sooner you reach out for that needed assistance and get control of your life back you’ll be happier and freer for it.