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Learn More About our EZ Financing by American Healthcare Lending and Call us at 866.434.2630

It is an unfortunate truth that many people in America do not have adequate health insurance. That’s why Sober Freedom offers financing for detox and residential drug and alcohol treatment services. The beast part is, you do not need perfect credit and applications are to those personally in need of treatment as well as to spouses, parents and family.

No Collateral Required. Financing available through Sober Freedom does not require collateral. You will not have a lien placed on your home or any other asset.

If you would like to learn more about the finance program Sober Freedom offers, you can call us at any time at 866.434.2630 or simply use the contact form on this page to get in touch with us. A Sober Freedom staff member will call you back as soon as possible.

Are there Alternatives to Insurance and Finance?

There are always alternatives but many people opt for financing detox and residential treatment because they do not want to use their savings, high interest rate credit cards or take the time to apply for a loan that requires collateral such as their home.

Sober Freedom can help you find alternative means of financing detox and residential alcohol and drug treatment. Call us to learn more or fill out the contact for on this page for assistance.

What are the Terms of Financing?

To learn more about the terms of our finance program, please call Sober Freedom at 866.434.2630 or use the contact form on this page and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Schedule a Consultation with Sober Freedom

If you would like to learn more our financing options, schedule a free appointment with a Sober Freedom staff member today at 866.434.2630.

Rehab Programs

Click here to learn more about the residential treatment programs offered by Sober Freedom. We’ll help you understand how to get in to treatment today.

Detox Programs

If you’re suffering from or afraid of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, we can help. Sober Freedom offers detox programs nationwide.

Intervention Services

We understand it can be difficult to convince a family member to go into treatment let alone talk about it. Let our licensed Interventionists help you get them care.

Our Philosophy

On Addiction

Addiction is a complex health problem that affects the body, mind, spirit and the family. Every person that suffers from drug and alcohol dependency deserves the best possible health care and therapy available in their efforts to lead a happy and productive life. Our job is to find ways to make that happen for every person that reaches out to us.

On the Family

The family plays an extremely important role in recovery. Parents, spouses, family and friends must balance their supportive roles and their role in setting healthy boundaries and expectations for their family member suffering from addiction. Working together, the family and the person suffering from dependency have the greatest chance of long term success.

Insurance and Financing

The last thing an addict or family member of an addict should worry about is insurance and financing. Our job is to help each addict find the best possible treatment program for their needs and to help that person find the best way to get in to treatment.


Living a sober life requires discipline in and out of recovery. Many successful recovering addicts share the same behavior patterns after leaving treatment. The live in a sober environment, they continue some form of group counseling or therapy and they surround themselves with supportive people.