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Family Interventions

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Spouses, family and friends understand that chronic drug users can be exceedingly reluctant to enter treatment. Even when your intentions are for the best, chronic drug and alcohol users can be emotionally or even physically abusive when recommending treatment or when threatening to end supporting a users habit financially or otherwise. This places family members in what can appear to be an unsolvable dilemma. If you keep quiet about the problem, they’ll continue using and destroying their lives and the lives of others. If you strongly recommend treatment or threaten to take away support, you fear the user will drop off the face of the earth, you’ll lose contact with them and perhaps they’ll sink deeper in to depression and increase their use of drugs and drug seeking behavior.

It’s perfectly normal to feel this way when making decisions about how to best help someone in need of drug and alcohol counseling and therapy. In these cases, family interventions are a perfect solution.

Why Family Intervention?

Often times, addicts cannot fully comprehend the pain and suffering they inflict on themselves and others. An intervention is not a punishment, nor is it a tool to force the views of others upon the user. Instead, family intervention is a coordinated effort, guided by a licensed family interventionist, that seeks to set ground rules and expectations that are healthy not just for the addict, but for all family members involved.

Family intervention addresses both the realities of the family member’s co-dependent issues and ongoing, counter-productive support of users while laying a foundation for the user to accept treatment or consider alternatives.
Addiction is a problem that effects entire families, not just users. If you are unable to get your loved one the treatment they deserve, please call a Sober Freedom specialist direct at 866.434.2630 and request to speak with a licensed Drug and Alcohol Interventionist today.

Schedule a Consultation with an Interventionist Today

If you would like to learn more about how you can get professional help to stop your loved one from continuing down their destructive path, schedule a free appointment with a Sober Freedom Interventionist today at 866.434.2630.

What Happens in Family Intervention?

Step One. Sober Freedom Interventionists will consult with the family first, learn about the addicts drug history, personal history and determine the overarching concerns of the family. This meeting typically involves family members discussing their fears, frustrations and how they contribute to the addicts ongoing habit and what they are willing to do to stop it.

Interventionists will also talk with the family about recommended treatment facilities, arrange for travel to the facility and help the family coordinate payment with insurance providers if necessary.

Step Two. It is strongly advised that the family rehearses the intervention a few times before including the addict. Some of the things both the Interventionist and the family will discuss are the reactions the addict will likely have, what each family member may want to say and also take inventory of what each family member would be willing to do if their loved one denies treatment such as refusing to take phone calls or refusing to give the addict financial support.

Step Three. Confronting the addict is the last step. When planned and rehearsed well, more often than not, the result is that the addict realizes the damage they’ve done to themselves, the damage they’ve done to others and what they stand to lose if they forego treatment.

This can be a very emotional time for family members to go through but the end result is more important than the fear of confrontation. Your Interventionist will be skilled in helping to keep the environment as calm and supportive as possible, always focused on helping the addict understand that without help, their lives will deteriorate and by accepting help, they’ll begin to realize their full potential.

Rehab Programs

Click here to learn more about the residential treatment programs offered by Sober Freedom. We’ll help you understand how to get in to treatment today.

Detox Programs

If you’re suffering from or afraid of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, we can help. Sober Freedom offers detox programs nationwide.

Intervention Services

We understand it can be hard to convince a family member to go to treatment. Let Sober Freedom’s licensed Interventionists help you get them care.

How Interventions Work

Family Consultation

Perhaps the most important step in family intervention is the family consultation. Sober Freedom will learn about the habits of the user and about each family member that wants to be involved. We’ll help you understand the things that have helped us get others to treatment and come up with a specialized plan for your family. Then, we’ll rehearse the intervention with you before you ever sit down with the addict.

Coordinate Treatment

We plan for the best outcome and expect the addict will accept help. We’ll help the family locate a facility for detox, if necessary, and residential treatment. We even help you coordinate insurance and travel to get your loved one the help they need immediately.

The Intervention

Your Interventionist will help guide and support you throughout the intervention. Their focus is on keeping everyone calm and focused on the goal: helping you get your family member in to treatment.

Residential Treatment

Once your loved one accepts help, we can travel with them to their long term care facility to make sure they get where they need to go safely. If you would like more information about our intervention services call get Sober Freedom today at 866.434.2630.