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Drug & Alcohol Detox Program

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For More Information About Our Detox Program: Call us at 866.434.2630

For those that experience severe withdrawal symptoms, they may require a medically supervised detox program prior to entering residential treatment. Research indicates that chronic users of many different classes of drugs continue using their drug of choice simply to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, those that are trying to stop using may find it difficult to complete a residential program without drug detox. In some severe cases, the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful, both physically and psychologically, to the point where it is best for a medical professional to oversee the withdrawal period and recommend specific medications, vitamins, minerals and a personalized dietary program to help them get to the point where they feel capable of receiving residential treatment and therapy.

If you are experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms and want to enter a residential treatment program, call Sober Freedom to learn more about how we can minimize your level of discomfort through a medically supervised drug detox programs. Call Today 866.434.2630.

About Drug and Alcohol Detox Through Sober Freedom

Heroin Detox. Heroin is one of the strongest drugs of abuse and is definitely one type of drug that addicts will continue to chronically use just to avoid withdrawals. Severe withdrawal symptoms include severe stomach cramps, flu like body pain, sweating, vomiting and diarrhea. There are some prescription medications that can help a recovering addict kick their habit that minimize the severity of withdrawal symptoms, however, these drugs need to be prescribed and administered by licensed medical professionals.

Methamphetamine Detox. One of the great dangers of detoxing from methamphetamines is severe psychological problems including depression with suicidal thoughts. Depression can be accompanied by severe anxiety, paranoia and visual and auditory hallucinations. In addition, the physical symptoms include flu like body pain. Certain psychiatric drugs may assist the chronic user to minimize the severe withdrawal symptoms.

Cocaine Detox. Like methamphetamine detox, many of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by chronic cocaine uses are psychological including anxiety, depression, insomnia, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. These are also accompanied by flu like body pains. A wide variety of medical approaches to minimize these effects are available.

Alcohol Detox. Detoxing from alcohol, for long term alcoholics, puts a tremendous amount of stress on the body and mind. Hallucinations referred to as delirium tremens are possible. Users experience heavy sweating, nausea, vomiting and may even experience severe reactions such as seizures. Detoxing from alcohol is not to be taken lightly. Diet, vitamins, minerals and medications may be administered to reduce these symptoms.

Ecstasy Detox. Some people that take large doses of ecstasy may suffer from withdrawal symptoms that include depression, elevated heart rate and blood pressure and other serious symptoms often associated with other stimulant drugs of abuse. One of the greatest dangers associated with ecstasy is that people who take it often take other drugs to enhance their high or, in other instances, unknowingly ingest stimulants used to cut the drug.

Our Nationwide Detox Treatment and Recovery Facilities

Sober Freedom maintains a network of treatment facilities throughout the United States. From California to Florida, we’ve got a wide variety of options for those that need residential treatment. Some people entering treatment want to stay close to their family members while others may want to remove themselves from the circles of influence that contribute to their addictive behaviors. Maintaining treatment facilities nationwide means that Sober Freedom maintains the ability to provide people with the care they need, where they need it.

For Concerned Parents, Spouses, Family and Friends

One of the main reasons why people chronically abuse drugs is to avoid severe withdrawal symptoms. We’ve come to understand that many parents, spouses, family members and friends can have a difficult time understanding why their loved one would continue taking the drug that causes them so much pain. How do you approach this person in the best way possible? How can you get them the help they need is they are reluctant to go through the pain of withdrawals?
Sober Freedom maintains a 24 hour hotline to help spouses, parents, family and friends understand how to help get their loved one the treatment they deserve. If you would like a free consultation with a Sober Freedom specialist, please call us direct at 866.434.2630.

Learning More is the First Step Toward Treatment and Recovery

At Sober Freedom, we see drug detox as part of the normal treatment methods for those that desire to live a clean and sober lifestyle. Our goal is to give the person suffering from drug dependence the best possible opportunity to successfully complete their residential treatment program. If that person is suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms and goes straight in to a residential treatment program, their focus and attention will not be on recovery, but instead, on their immediate physical and mental stressors.

If you need drug detox or if you have a loved one that can benefit from it, please call Sober Freedom today at 866.434.2630 for more information.

Rehab Programs

Click here to learn more about the residential treatment programs offered by Sober Freedom. We’ll help you understand how to get in to treatment today.

Detox Programs

If you’re suffering from or afraid of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, we can help. Sober Freedom offers detox programs nationwide.

Intervention Services

We understand it can be hard to convince a family member to go to treatment. Let Sober Freedom’s licensed Interventionists help you get them care.

4 Steps to Sobriety for Chronic Drug Users

Reach Out for Help

One of the most difficult steps for someone dependent on drugs and alcohol is to admit they need help and to reach out for that help. Sober Freedom maintains a 24 hour hotline for addicts to call at any time to learn more about what the process of detox, treatment and long term care is. To learn more, call Sober Freedom’s 24 hour hotline any time at 866.434.2630.

Find a Detox Facility

In most instances, detox facilities are located within or near long term residential treatment facilities. Residential care facilities can point you in the right direction to find a detox program that will fit your needs. Call Sober Freedom to find a facility near you..

Coordinate Residential Treatment

After detox, you’ll begin residential treatment. Sober Freedom makes it easy for people that need detox to find a residential treatment program near their detox facility of choice. Our staff members will walk you through the process.

Long Term Care

Once your residential treatment program ends, Sober Freedom can help you find long term residential arrangements in sober living homes as well as help you coordinate outpatient treatment and ongoing therapy. If you would like more information about our treatment options and how you can begin your path of recovery, call Sober Freedom today at 866.434.2630.