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Psychology of Addiction

What Is Predisposition And How Can It Affect You?

Predisposition is a term that is used often throughout the medical field. Being predisposed to cancer or heart disease, for instance, simply means that one has genetic, environmental and other factors that may increase one’s risk of developing these diseases at some point in one’s life. Being predisposed to drug and alcohol abuse is much the same thing. Those who have a family history of drug or alcohol abuse and …Read More

Psychology Of Addiction

It is difficult for many people to accept that addiction is a major part of their lives. Whether it is you yourself or a loved one that is the addict it carries with it a social stigma that stings everyone around you. When society imposes a stigma it only adds to the harm that the family experiences because of the addict’s behavior. Some view it as a character flaw or …Read More

The Four Phases Of A Professional Intervention

An intervention is something which is needed for a person who has an addiction to, or is abusing an illicit substance, that could be a drug or alcohol. Many families try to take matters into their own hands and stage their own version of an intervention. This may work in the short term but generally more professional interventions have a much higher success rate. Right Person For The Job No …Read More

Helping A Loved One By Planning An Intervention

If a friend or loved one is having a hard time dealing with addiction, to the point that the substance the person is addicted to has been impossible for them to quite, you may need to take action quickly, and arrange an intervention. We learn from that, Any self-destructive behavior can be addressed in an intervention: alcoholism, alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction, drug abuse, drug addiction, gambling, sex addiction, eating …Read More

Knowing The Stages Of Recovery Helps You Onto The Right Path

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a serious problem plaguing families all over the world. Although education on this subject has increased awareness and offers the ability to rehabilitate yourself, it’s important to realize that addiction isn’t something that will go away overnight and you have to be prepared to stay strong through the entirety of your battle. Part of this strength can come from understanding what you’ll be going …Read More

Psychological Aids To Combat Addiction

Being addicted to a substance is one of the worst things that can happen to a person and their families. The Florida Institute of Technology estimates that, Over 60 percent of admissions to emergency rooms are either directly or indirectly due to drug or alcohol usage. In the darkness, however, there is the light of reason. There are ways to defeat psychological dependence when you are trying to break the …Read More

Addictive Substances And The Disorders Associated With Them

It is very easy to become addicted to certain substances and to go on to abuse those substances. The National Institute on Drug Abuse defines addiction as, A chronic, relapsing disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use despite harmful consequences as well as neurochemical and molecular changes in the brain. Many of the addictive substances that surround us on a daily basis lead to serious disorders when used. Here …Read More

Crucial Drug Addiction Recovery Tips

As anyone who has been through a battle with addiction can tell you, recovery is a hard road. It can take a long time to actually get over the shadow of addiction and there are more ways to fall back into the hole than to claw your way out of it. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimates that, 23.5 …Read More

Why Some Refuse Treatment For Substance Dependency

Seeking treatment for chemical dependency is essential to recovery. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that they are dependent and actually need treatment. There are others who know that they have a problem but simply refuse help and there are a number of reasons why they refuse to get that help. You may wonder why that person who is clearly addicted to prescription painkillers does not simply enter a drug rehab program. …Read More