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Transitioning From Inpatient Treatment To Sober Living

The challenge that comes from breaking away from an addictive habit can be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. Once a drug gets a hold of your system it alters not only your physical body but also your power of reason. Because of this, making a transition from an addict to a person that can blend back into the mainstream of society will require a high level of commitment, dedication, and perseverance.

Changing your life habits is not easy for anyone and this difficulty can be compounded by the addiction so the process must be done in phases. Each phase will move you closer to your final objective of reinserting yourself back into society.

Inpatient Treatment

Your first phase of treatment will usually require detoxification where your body will need to be cleaned of the problem drug. This phase is essential before you can begin healing. It doesn’t matter if your drug is from a legal prescription medication or from illegal drug use. It must be cleared from the system before the healing can begin.

In the process you will go through a series of withdrawal symptoms that may require medical monitoring to ensure your health and well being. As an inpatient you’ll also have to go through therapy sessions that will begin to remold your mind to reason in a manner that will be more beneficial to you and to those around you. This phase of re-acclamation can be a trying one but as you continue on it will become easier for you to make the needed adjustments.

Outpatient/Sober Living

Once you have completed your inpatient treatments you are ready to begin taking small steps to reassert yourself back into society. As an outpatient you will most likely be placed in a sober living environment where you’ll be gradually eased back into the mainstream.

These group homes are usually different from rehab centers in that they have more freedom to come and go as they please. They will of course, have to meet certain rules usually related to curfews and random drug tests to prove that they are maintaining a sober life.

They also must meet requirements as to caring for their immediate needs. This will be a major move from addiction since addicts often behave irresponsibly not only towards themselves but those around them. Learning to accept responsibility for your actions and caring for necessary things will give evidence that you are moving away from your addictive lifestyle. Proof of a sober lifestyle could be holding down a regular job, doing your own shopping, and paying rent; all are key responsibilities that all people have.

Once you’ve successfully completed all the transitions required to break your addictive habit it will be much easier for you to blend back into society and restart your life. It takes time to break the addiction habit but if you handle each of these phases one at a time when you emerge from your sober living environment you’ll be a fully functional member of society once again.

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