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The Dangers Of Designer Drug Abuse

When you hear the word ‘designer,’ most people will think of the newest and latest fashions in the market or that fantastic pair of shoes that you see in the window. But now the word ‘designer’ is being used in a more dangerous category. Designer drugs have taken their aim at the youth of our society and are now targeting younger individuals between the ages of 16-24.

Designer drugs are those that have been created or developed in homemade labs by combining the properties of a plant-based drug with certain chemicals you can buy over the counter at your local drug store. The result can be some new and unpredictable effects on the brain and the individual’s behavior.

Why the Young?

One reason why the drugs are so popular among the young is the very innocence of youth. Young people often feel that they are invincible and that nothing can happen to them. This feeling of invincibility makes them feel powerful beyond what is normal and this naturally sets them up for a number of negative problems. They are at a much higher risk of overdoses and are more likely to engage in risky behaviors that could lead to sexual promiscuity, physical injury, ER visits, and social disruptions with family, friends or loved ones are common while under the influence.

Aside from their excessive behavior their ingredients and potency are hard to evaluate making it impossible to understand the true effects they will have on the user. Drugs that have been around for a long time are understood much more clearly than these new ones which makes it much harder to treat them and to understand the processes that are going on in the body.

The Hookah Places

Most designer drugs are being purchased in local head shops or hookah places as they are sometimes called. While many may be legal it does not mean that they aren’t dangerous. When young people enter into these places, they will find along with the designer drugs all of the paraphernalia for taking in other substances that can be equally as harmful. Once a young person enters one of these establishments they are immediately exposed to even more harmful drugs that can have an impact on their lives.

An Introductory Course

Since these Hookah shops are not regulated there is an anything goes kind of atmosphere. There are no risks to the shop owners who expose young people to the many dangers of drug usage. Hookah marijuana or cigars, water bongs are commonly sold alongside many of these designer drugs making them an introduction to a completely new world of drug use. Exposure to synthetic marijuana and bath salts has caused numerous deaths in young people every year.

The risks involved in taking designer drugs are extreme and health care professionals are not always prepared to handle the new cases that come through their door every day. This means that those who have made it a habit of using designer drugs are literally playing the sometimes fatal game of Russian roulette.

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