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The Best Way To Get Your Loved One In To Treatment For Addiction

It is hard watching someone you love going through an addiction. Of course, you want that person to take treatment to help him or her overcome the addiction, whether it be to drugs or alcohol but it can be difficult to know the best and most successful way to do this. The first thing you need to do is get your loved one to face up to his or her addiction and this can be tough.

Family Intervention

Many families choose to keep the intervention between themselves but this can actually have a much more negative effect than seeking assistance from a professional intervention specialist or other medical professional. Family are much too involved in the situation and there is a possibility that may have been treated very badly during the course of the addiction, they may have been lied to, cheated or stolen from and all of this brings about feelings of intense hurt.

Professional Intervention

A professional intervention still involves all of the family, however there is a medical specialist there during the process who will be able to be assertive in a much less aggressive way than family members and can help to facilitate the treatment needs of the individual with the addiction. Interventions can be very difficult on the family as well as the addict as it will bring forth all sorts of feelings surrounding the way they have been treated, they may feel extremely hurt and manifest those feelings in the form of anger which will only serve to have a negative effect on the addict. The professional can help to calm down these feelings and keep the focus on what it needs to be about, which is of course the treatment and recovery of the person with the addiction.

Why A Professional?

Many people don’t like the idea of having a professional come in and take charge of a situation such as this, they see it as being a matter of family only and may even feel slightly threatened by them, however a medical professional or intervention specialist has not been emotionally invested in the situation, they have been separate and so will be able to be a part of the intervention without being judgmental. They will remain unbiased at all times as well as being objective and they will take on the role of a mediator. The more medical professionals you can get involved in a situation such as this, the better the chances of getting the addict in to the necessary treatment and facilitating a much higher chance of a full recovery. They can also help families to understand the psychological side of addiction and maybe why their loved one has behaved in such a way, the way their brain works due to their constant need for the drug or alcohol.

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Choosing to hold a professional intervention as opposed to a private family one will ensure the absolute best chances of recovery for your loved one and can also provide you with the much needed help and support that you will undoubtedly need when enduring such a difficult situation.

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