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Substance Addiction – Is It Time For An Intervention?

Substance addiction or abuse can be very tough on loved ones, particularly the family members who reside with the individual concerned who will only ever want what is best. They may try many ways in which to help the person with the addiction and in some cases this has proven to be successful. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case for every situation and it can be difficult for a family to accept that it is time to take things further, maybe to consult a medical professional and stage an intervention.

Unsuccessful Measures

Families often try their own methods at getting their loved one with a substance issue to stop, they may try and cut off their cash flow in the hope that this will stop them from being able to purchase the drugs. They may try bargaining with them, offering them an incentive to stop or in extreme cases they may try and lock them away, forcing them to withdraw in the hope that this will break the hold that the illicit substance seems to have. These methods do work in some cases and in many they work for a short period of time but if there usually comes a time where there will be a relapse.

No Thought To Consequences

The longer the addiction is allowed to go on the more severe it becomes and methods that worked in the beginning may not work any more. An person in the throes of a severe addiction will stop giving any thought to the consequences of their actions, any guilt felt at the trouble they are bringing on the family will disappear, any care or concern about being arrested if they commit crimes in order to get their supply will also be forgotten. In fact, in some cases being arrested may be seen as a sort of badge of honor among addicts and their friends.

Fast Deterioration

After a time, the health of an addict will start to be affected in severe ways, depending on the substance there will be damage caused to the internal organs and a whole host of other health problems. If the substance that they are abusing is injected into the veins this can cause the veins to close up, in addition as most addicts will share needles in this situation they are at a serious risk of contracting diseases like Hepatitis and HIV. The person with the addiction will start to lose weight, become more scruffy and unkempt looking and just generally look unwell.


If the loved one with the substance abuse issue starts to tick all of these boxes then it is time to consider a more formal intervention. Consulting a medical professional for help can be difficult but you can rest assured that the individuals involved will be highly trained, educated and experienced in dealing with cases such as this. They have a high level of competency and will be able to facilitate the right treatment, care and support for the addict as well as for the family themselves.

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