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Seeking Activities To Help You Stay On Track

Addiction recovery isn’t a one step process, and it isn’t something that will ever magically occur in a day, a week, or even a single month. It takes hard work, dedication, and time to heal the wounds that have been physically and emotionally inflicted on you over the time you spent involved with drugs or alcohol. This means that when you leave your treatment program the work isn’t over, and you’ve got to continue rebuilding your life to get into a healthier head-space. Making yourself busy by finding activities to not only get you moving but also give you a better social and support circle is an important step in this process.

Church Events

Whether you’re religious or not, a great place to begin your transformation and extension of recovery is through church events. If you don’t believe in any particular denomination then choosing a nondenominational church is a good place to start. Many Christian churches that don’t distinguish themselves as followers of a particular belief system are open about many religious concepts, while still embracing the core values taught by the Bible. This can give you stability and a concrete social environment where good people, music, food, and many other aspects of the world come together. It’s a safe stepping off point, in a place where you’re not likely to come into contact with anything that would cause you to relapse.

Enjoy The Arts

Another excellent place to not only get involved in something bigger than yourself, but to feel some inspiration and true self-worth is by getting to work in the arts. This could be anything from taking a class in oil painting or sketching, to volunteering your time to a local art show or exhibition. Anna Deeds of Challenging Addiction says:

Addicts get bored easily and boredom can lead to thoughts of using substances. Discover what you like to do for fun and begin to enjoy life again without the use of substances.

If you’ve got a flare for drama or enjoy working with others behind the scenes, many cities and even small towns have theater groups that put on shows throughout the year. There are often pubic auditions, but also recruitment for costume, set designs, and stage hands.

Get Cooking

Try something closer to home that can help keep your hands busy, and also calm the oral fixation that some addictions bring by giving you something to taste as well. Cooking classes have become increasingly popular throughout North America and in other parts of the world as well. Various grocery stores offer weekly classes at reasonable rates to allow the at-home cook a chance to make something new and interact with other people who share his or her interests. Anything that inspires you and allows you to change your routine and stay busy can help you through this difficult time in your life; Patrick Of Spiritual River writes:

Get involved, get busy, create something amazing, take some suggestions, go exercise, go back to school, find a way to help others.

If you don’t have the money to take a course away from home, consider inviting around a group of friends or family members to test their skills in the kitchen. Find an online course or recipe with videos that you can follow and make it a weekly activity that you can all participate in together.

Bond With Nature

Outdoor activities can often offer a little more than the indoor variety simply because of the therapeutic capabilities it includes. Group meditation in an open field, running clubs that hit the city sidewalks each morning, or even just a hike with your family on a local trail can give you fresh air as well as a fresh perspective. expresses:

From going jogging every day or playing tennis to taking an art class or learning to speak a foreign language, new activities will keep your body busy and your mind off your old habits.

Whatever you choose to do to keep busy, consider all of the qualities it can bring to your recovery, and try to get friends and family involved with you for the added support.

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