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Avoiding Alcoholism – Seeking Help At The Earliest Opportunity

Many of us like to have an alcoholic drink every so often. Sometimes it is reserved for special occasions and some individuals choose to drink a little more frequently. As long as they drink responsibly then this is not a problem. However, if there comes a time when you notice yourself or a loved one enjoying alcohol a little too much or drinking a little too often it can be difficult to know when you should pursue help for them or yourself.

No Time Like The Present

It is never too early to seek help for alcoholism, even if you aren’t sure that the individual actually has a problem, the fact that there is concern there means that maybe something isn’t quite right and you should always consult help for this. Alcoholism is a highly preventable problem and the longer you wait to seek out help, the higher the risk of developing further problems becomes. Alcohol is poison so it can have a very negative physical effect on the body, damaging vital organs and leading to serious health problems, it can also have a damaging effect on the brain and it’s psychological workings which will also impact on social skills and abilities.


An individual with an alcohol abuse issue will find ways to rationalize their behaviour in order to feel less guilty as deep down they know that what they are doing is wrong. If they get caught driving and are issued with a DUI, they may rationalize this by telling themselves that it doesn’t matter because it is only their FIRST DUI. Whilst this may make them feel better in the short term it is leading down the path to being issued with more and more DUI’s which they will then rationalize because “nobody got hurt”. Unfortunately this then leads them down the path of causing death by dangerous driving which will probably land them with a jail sentence. It will also have a very damaging affect on any marital or personal relationships.

Adolescents vs. Adults

It doesn’t matter how old you are, abusing alcohol consistently for a period of time will lead to alcohol dependency. However, it is true that the younger you are the faster this will happen. It is a proven fact that adolescents will spiral out of control within 9 months, so if they started abusing alcohol in September, by June they would be an alcoholic. Probably the time where this becomes the biggest risk is during the first year of college. There are always lots of parties to go to and young people love exploring their new found freedom. They could start the school year fine and by the end of the year have a serious alcohol addiction. For adults their spiral into alcoholism can take a lot longer. It usually takes between three to five years for them to develop a problem.

The moral of the story? Always seek help at the earliest opportunity in order to avoid the risk of developing alcoholism.

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One Response to "Avoiding Alcoholism – Seeking Help At The Earliest Opportunity"

  • Manny Mullaneda
    March 3, 2014 - 7:53 pm Reply

    Alcohol causes: rape, delinquency, broken homes, broken bones, sorrows, slander, car accidents, inefficiency, poverty, etc. Alcohol can cause impotency. “In the sex glands, the swelling of the prostate gland caused by alcohol interferes with the ability of the male to perform sexually. It also interferes with the ability to climax during intercourse. It may increase sexual desire but makes performance more difficult.” ( Alcohol Your Friend or Enemy? p. 5.)
    Alcohol is a criminal. It has killed so many people, yet has not been arrested and jailed. The real culprit – alcohol is still free looking for the next victims. Tomorrow may be you!

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