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What To Look For In The Rehabilitation Center You Choose

Admitting that you need help and seeking treatment is certainly the first step to recovering from an addiction, but the kind of rehabilitation system that you use and the kind of facility it takes place in can make a big difference. Choosing the right center for you is a big deal and you should always take the time to research all of the services, fees, and quality statistics in order to make your decision. Although it is possible to go from one facility to another if need be, completing your journey of sobriety in the same place you started it can help you see the entirety of the situation rather than breaking it down into pieces. If you’re not sure what you should be thinking about when making these considerations, take a look at the list below for a few options you should look out for.


Obviously the most important thing to be wary of is whether or not the center you’re looking into is properly certified for what you’re going through. There are plenty of therapeutic retreats that can assist with addiction to an extent if you’re working on it from an emotional or mental point of view. But when it comes to dealing with the physical struggles as well as the ones on the inside you need a fully licensed center with practicing doctors and nurses to get you where you need to be. explains:

Make sure the treatment program is accredited by the state it’s in. Also check to ensure that the program is run by licensed, well-trained mental health professionals and addiction specialists.

This kind of information shouldn’t be difficult to find through contacting the facility directly. Don’t be shy to ask for credentials and get serious about what the site is able to practice when it comes to patient care.

Success Rates

Knowing how successful others have been in the past can make a difference when it comes to your own improvement. You should never fully compare your story to another because every addiction is different and what you’re going through could affect you in a completely different way than it does somebody else. However, there’s nothing wrong with seeing what past and current clients have to say about a particular program and what they’ve achieved from it.

Inpatient Or Outpatient

Some locations provide only inpatient or both outpatient and inpatient care, and these programs can be broken down into smaller categories based on their duration and treatment style. writes:

Studies have proven that inpatient rehab facilities are the most effective and medically sound way to treat addiction.

You may find that for a time you require an inpatient system where your support is available all day every day, or you might be fine at home and only need to check in when things are beginning to feel hard on your mind and body. Ultimately, your doctor should be able to tell you what would be best for your situation and needs.

Detoxification Process

Finally, if you’re dealing with any kind of large scale addiction there will be withdrawal symptoms to deal with and detoxification may be needed. George Joseph of advises:

The most intensive level of care is detoxification, which is usually in an inpatient setting, medically monitored, and can last typically 3 to 5 days.

This is almost always necessary when the substance that you’re removing yourself from is highly addictive, rather than just subtly addictive. Treatments will vary based on previous usage history, as well as the drug involved, your age, and a number of other factors that you’ll be able to go over with your doctor.


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