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Signs And Symptoms Of Those Who Need Treatment For Substance Abuse

Substance AbuseThe world is often split on the subject of alcohol and substance abuse. There are those that know and understand the many challenges that anyone addicted to controlled substances must face and there are others who believe that it is all a matter of choice. Unfortunately, he or she is the one that needs the most help that gets caught between these two polar opposite viewpoints. With an untold number of myths circulating about the need for rehabilitation it is even more important that those who are in search of help to overcome their habit and those close to them seek the right kind of guidance in choosing the right rehabilitation center.

This controversy is unfortunate because the confusion has caused many deserving people to avoid or delay getting the necessary treatment that could help them to improve their quality of life. They may not fully understand the problems they face any more than the general population and not see the need to find help when they are at their most vulnerable state. The University of Rochester Medical Center explains this,

The biggest myth about drug and alcohol rehabilitation is that treatment doesn’t work. And… may be one reason that finding the right rehabilitation program seems so hard…. of the 23.1 million people who need alcohol or drug treatment, only 3.9 million make it into a rehab facility.

The fact that most people seem to overlook is that addiction is a disease and until a patient recognizes this they do not realize the irreparable harm that may come to them. This leads many to ask whether or not they actually do need treatment and what they should do about it.

How to Decide if You Need Treatment

The myths that have spread throughout the widest part of the population and last the longest time do so because at their very core a little truth remains. While it may have been a choice for you to pick up that first glass or chose to start taking drugs, once you did the disease then begins to take over. In the average person, the desire to go just one more can be no more than a mental suggestion that can easily be shrugged off. However, those with an addiction may find that the cravings are so powerful that they overcome any logical reasoning or thought.

Anyone who continues to use drugs or alcohol regardless of the problems they may be causing to your health, social life, or work situation should seek help from someone who can understand what is the real problem. For example, many people may not realize there is a difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. According to the Help Guide,

Substance abuse experts make a distinction between alcohol abuse and alcoholism (also called alcohol dependence). Unlike alcoholics, alcohol abusers have some ability to set limits on their drinking. However, their alcohol use is still self-destructive and dangerous to themselves or others.

Seeking professional help may be the only real way to deal with a particular problem with substance abuse. While others may have the best of intentions without fully understanding the challenges it could actually cause more harm than good.

Recognizing the Symptoms

There are definite symptoms, however, that we all can look for to help us to decide if calling in the Calvary is necessary. It is simply a matter of degrees between an abuser and an addict and knowing what to look for will help you to know when to take action. Here are some common signs of an abuser that you might see.

In addition to neglecting personal responsibilities at home or work, there may be other signs that there is a problem. Drinking while driving is a common occurrence among both abusers and addicts, ans so with drinking while taking prescription medications. A person that is repeatedly in trouble with the law because of the use of substances either because of drunk driving or for disorderly conduct could be a very clear sign of trouble brewing.

There are many signs that may indicate that a person has an alcohol or drug abuse problem and the tell tale signs may not always be obvious to the outsider. It is usually a close friend or family member that can recognize the problem and encourage the abuser to take the needed steps to get help. There is no way to list every indicator of abuse of some kind, but the Drug Abuse Center does give us some helpful guidelines,

It’s common for an addict to miss work, neglect family obligations and have financial problems. Addiction consumes the addict’s life, and finding the next high is the most important thing.

So, whether the person is finding his high in the bottom of a bottle or through drugs the symptoms are usually the same. Their lifestyle will slowly begin to crumble around them as they make their addiction the primary focus of their lives.

Finding the Right Treatment Program

Once it’s been determined that treatment is necessary it is time to find the right place to get help. A good treatment program will not just deal with the use of drugs but will include help for the whole person. Find a program that will address the person’s medical issues, psychological challenges, and the contributing social environment altogether. When these are all addressed they are more likely to see the best results.

Rehabilitation centers can vary widely from one person to another depending on a variety of factors so choosing the right center for you must be done with care. Finding a center that focuses on each person’s specific needs will be very instrumental in getting the right recovery. You can choose a center based on age, substance, gender, medical problems, mental health, and financial situation; no matter what the need, there is always going to be a center to match it.

If you or someone you care about feels that drugs or alcohol are taking over your life then you must first recognize that you’re dealing with a disease. Finding the right kind of treatment center that will address everything you need to recover is the most important step you can take in order to reclaim your life.

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  • ed clapp
    January 16, 2014 - 3:55 pm Reply

    Yet, when i went for help the first thing that was prescribed was Suboxone ! I just went thru hell coming off that legally prescribed drug . And i never used heroin . I’m sorry but i believe that the pharm company is just as evil as the pusher on the street .

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