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Psychological Aids To Combat Addiction

Being addicted to a substance is one of the worst things that can happen to a person and their families. The Florida Institute of Technology estimates that,

Over 60 percent of admissions to emergency rooms are either directly or indirectly due to drug or alcohol usage.

In the darkness, however, there is the light of reason. There are ways to defeat psychological dependence when you are trying to break the habit of addiction. It is a long road and often you may find yourself tempted to fall back to your old behaviors. Here are three tips that can help you get past that slippery slope and out of the hole:

Peer Support Works

Having a peer group is a good way to garner support from others who are facing a problem similar to yours. Boisvert et al. found in an article published in the Journal of Occupational Therapy International researching the effect of peer support on recovering addicts that,

Significant reduction of risk of relapse was found in clients who participated in the programme.

The thing is, this not only extends to a peer support group, but also to a gathering of friends. Getting the right friends with the right mindset and trusting them with your problem can aid significantly in helping you overcome the draw to relapse into addiction.

Read As Much As You Can

Losing yourself in a book is a different kind of addiction but one that is much healthier than illicit substances. If you’re a reader or have been in the past and remember being able to lose yourself in the fictional worlds of multiple authors, then this approach is one you should look at taking. Losing yourself in the printed word has the benefit of taking your mind away from the draw of addiction by giving it something else to concentrate on. Once it has this secondary preoccupation, it usually forgets the primary occupation you have with the drug. This would only work if reading is a passion of yours. Even though learning to read is important, trying to train yourself to be a reader can be just as frustrating as recovering from an addiction.

Start a Project

Losing yourself in a project is a good way to move past the dependence on to something else. Allowing yourself the time and effort to dream up solutions and discover problems with a design or construction project is an ideal way to keep your mind occupied so that it doesn’t start hankering after the addictive drug. Once you give your mind something to work on, you can easily distract yourself from the draw of the dangerous drug. The more complex the project the better for you because more complex solutions will engage your mind at an even deeper level making it hard for you to even be distracted by the addictive urge.

Although these are great ways to overcome the psychological aspect of addiction, there is also the physical aspect to deal with. That one is dangerous and may require professional medical help. Above all, the decision to come clean is one you need to make and stick to for yourself. Unless you have the drive and willpower to leave behind the dark abyss of addiction, there is no way that someone can drag you out of it. It requires determination and hard work from your position. The scary thing is if you fail, although you can try again, it gets harder each successive time. The best way to escape is to gird your loins and start the climb, while keeping your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel.

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