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Choosing The Right Rehabilitation Center For Addiction Recovery

drug-treatment-centerThere is not a day that goes by in any city in the world where alcohol or drug abuse does not raise its ugly head. Whether you are suffering from this chronic disease or you’re simply watching as someone whom you care a lot is dealing with it, the time will come when everyone realizes that enough is enough. When that happens you need to find the right treatment center to help overcome the problem.

It’s a scary step to decide to change your life and it’s even scarier when you hear of so many programs that have not produced the results needed for the addict to recover. However, in those cases it may not be the program that failed but the placement issues. There are so many types of programs to choose from that it can be very confusing to find the right one for you or your loved one. Rehab professionals at Narconon give this advice,

Making their choice from a bewildering variety of different programs and promises, an education in what to look for in a program can save both money and heartbreak. When a family knows just what to ask a rehab facility, they can more accurately choose a rehab that fits their needs.

If this is a decision that you’re preparing to make here are some basic questions that can help you in your search.

What Kind of Results Do You Expect?

While these programs all promise to rehabilitate the patient it does not mean that they all expect the same results. Some may view success as consistently attending meetings or taking the prescribed medications. Others may value the number of days that a patient can abstain from their addiction while some may consider it important for the person to be able to hold down a job to prove that he has been rehabilitated. It is important that you know what the center is using to measure their success and you want to make sure that your goals will match theirs.

How Long Is the Program?

Some programs are only for short-term (the average is 28 days) which may not give the patient enough time for a complete recovery. Addiction, whether it is to alcohol or drugs, is not a simple problem that can be overcome in a few short weeks. It is not realistic to expect long-term results from a short-term treatment. Patients will most likely need a longer period of time for a full recovery. Some short-term treatments are like putting a band-aid on a broken leg – the treatment can be too superficial to be effective.

Does the Treatment Offer Substitutions?

You also want to know if they plan to offer other medications to treat the addiction problem. Many rehab centers prescribe drugs like methadone, buprenorphine or Suboxone as a substitute for the addiction. The idea with these prescriptions is merely to reduce the dependency on illegal drugs by substituting a legal drug. It may help them to stop using illegal narcotics but it simply shifts the addiction to something else. If you are looking for a full recovery, you don’t want a treatment center that uses substitution drugs.

Choosing the right program will require you to look into many different treatment centers to find the one that will match your family’s needs. Help Guide gives us a very clear understanding of what you might do to get started,

A good place to start is by joining a group such as Al-Anon….. Listening to others with the same challenges can be a tremendous source of comfort and support. You can also turn to trusted friends, a therapist, or people in your faith community.

While there are many different types of treatment programs that you can choose from, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all. Every program offers something different and it is up to you to seek out the one that will best suit your needs.

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