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Crystal Meth Addiction & Abuse In America

Methamphetamine, or crystal meth, is a drug that stimulates the central nervous system. It is very similar to amphetamine and even has some of the same properties. Crystal Meth is a drug that usually gets abused with devastating consequences. It is an illegal substance, although doctors can prescribe it on a non-refillable prescription. However, it is very rare that they do so, due to the fact that it has only very limited medical properties. The majority of people in the country who abuse Crystal Meth receive it through various drug cartels. Much of the product is made in small laboratories, known as “meth labs”, which endanger the people that work in it, but also the people in the surrounding area, as well as the environment itself.

Crystal Meth Effects

Crystal Meth has both physical and mental consequence. It impacts on the functions of the brain and damages the cells within it. The most commonly reported effects of this include seizures and memory loss. It also has a strong effect on the skin. Most users develop abscesses in various parts of their skin. Because the drug also leaves their immune system weakened, these seizures get infected, leaving horrible scars. Due to the lower immune system, users are also often ill. Every part of the body can be affected by Crystal Meth. The most common reported problems include respiratory failure, blindness, chest pain, kidney failure, brittle bones, internal bleeding and malnutrition. Malnutrition occurs due to the fact that it works as an appetite suppressant while at the same time increasing metabolism. The psychological effects of crystal meth abuse are also very significant. Paranoia and full psychosis are common, as is mood instability, aggressive behavior, suicidal thoughts, delusions and schizophrenia. Often, this is caused by over-stimulation, sleep deprivation and brain damage and some of these effects are permanent.

Crystal Meth Treatment Options

The best type of treatment for Crystal Meth that we know today is through a through cognitive behavioral intervention through a professional organization such as Sober Freedom. A lot of treatment centers use the Matrix Model, where behavioral therapy is combined with family education, 12 step support, individual counseling, drug testing and very strong encouragement for taking part in activities that have no relation to taking drugs. Most treatment centers will also offer a contingency management intervention service. This means that users receive incentives for abstaining from the drug and staying in treatment. Unfortunately, no medication currently exists to treat Crystal Meth addiction, although much research is being undertaken in this area. If you’re interested in learning more click here.

Crystal Meth Statistics

A lot of crystal meth addicts develop severe tooth decay, which is known as “meth mouth”. Crystal Meth is not endemic to our country alone. It is known as Yaba in Thailand and it is found in the Philippines under the name Shabu. Both markets sell it as a pill. In Hawaii, it has been shown that nearly half (48.2%) of all those seeking addiction treatment are addicted to Crystal Meth. Worldwide, some 24.7 million people use methamphetamine. Crystal Meth has the highest rate of relapse.

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