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The Truth About Methamphetamine Addiction

Crystal-MethMethamphetamine’s have been around for many years and began as treatment for a number of health conditions. Today however, methamphetamine’s are among the most popular drugs of choice for many who are addicted to chemical substances.

While the physical aspects of being addicted to methamphetamine’s can improve after detoxification and treatment, the long term effects of addiction can last for several years. Many people relapse when they seek treatment and for a number of reasons. While recovery is perfectly possible, it is often more difficult than some realize. Falling back into addictive behaviors over and over can cause stress not only on the person with the substance abuse, but on friends and family as well.

Take one case for instance, where a girl was addicted to methamphetamine’s by age 11. Incidentally, chemical dependency to meth can begin at any age. This particular case involved a girl who encountered many problems throughout her lifetime because of her addiction. She served time in prison due to a bank robbery, lost her family and generally suffered for many years because of the strong addiction to this drug.

The first experience with methamphetamine involves a bit of pleasure for most, which is why this is such an enticing drug for the younger generation. From the first use however, meth can begin to destroy lives. This illegal drug is classified the same as cocaine and many other powerful drugs. There are a number of nicknames from meth and speed to crank but they all refer to a dangerous drug that can wreak havoc on the lives and health of those who are addicted to it.

Generally speaking, methamphetamine’s are poison that begin as stimulants and then slowly destroy the body. Long term abuse has been linked to various health conditions including heart and brain damage, aggression and violence, memory loss and psychotic behaviors. It is a highly addicted drug that can take years to overcome. It can however, be overcome and there are many successful stories of people who have completely recovered from methamphetamine addiction and have gone on to live happy and healthy lives. The road to recovery however, is often long and difficult.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that worldwide production of all amphetamine type drugs, including meth, has reached nearly 500 metric tons every year. There are currently more than 24 million people in the world that are addicted to some sort of amphetamine stimulant. In the United States, a 2008 report showed that nearly 13 million people over 12 years of age have used meth at least once in their lifetime. Of those millions of people, more than 500,000 are regular users and are addicted to the drug.

A study done in 2007 showed that nearly 5 percent of all high school 12th graders in the United States have tried meth at least once and over 4 percent of 10th graders have admitted to trying it. This is a drug that is relatively easy to find on the streets and is appealing enough to children that many become addicted every year. The number of admissions for drug treatment due to a methamphetamine addiction tripled from 1996 to 2006. Many states have higher percentages than the national average. In Hawaii for instance, nearly 50 percent of people seeking drug abuse addiction treatment did so due to methamphetamine addiction.

Long term use of methamphetamine can do more than just destroy families and lives. It can increase blood pressure and cause severe heart damage. Using meth for several years can cause irreversible damage to the body and although treatment can be successful, some physical damage cannot be undone. This makes it important to educate children on the dangers of meth use to give them a chance to avoid these issues in the future.

Any drug or alcohol addiction can be overcome. Even those who have been long term users of methamphetamine’s can go on to live normal lives. While the physical damage may never fully heal, the emotional damage can be healed. There are many stories of people addicted to meth who have overcome those addictions and mended their families. Those who are addicted or who have a loved one who is addicted need to seek help. Meth is a drug that is difficult to overcome with regards to detoxification and withdrawals. Professional help is often needed to assist addicts in getting the drug out of their system and in getting their lives back on track. It can be done however. With the right guidance and support, anyone can overcome a meth addiction.

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