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Prescription Drug Addiction And Abuse In America

Studies have shown that prescription drug abuse has grown substantially in the United States over the past few years. Prescription drug abuse is intentionally using medication without having a valid prescription for it or using it in a way other than what it was prescribed for. While this is certainly not a new issue in the United States, it is one that is quickly growing out of control.

A study done in 2010 showed that more than 7 million Americans were abusing psychotherapeutic drugs. These are prescription medications that target the central nervous system. The most commonly abused prescription drugs in the United States are pain relievers, sedatives, tranquilizers and stimulants. Of the 7 million people abusing prescription medications, 5 million of them are taking prescription pain relievers of some sort.

Prescription drugs and over the counter medications account for the largest part of adolescent drug use in the nation. Nearly 1 out of every 12 seniors in high school admit to taking Vicodin without a prescription and 1 out of every 20 admit to taking OxyContin without a prescription and for uses other than what they are intended to treat. When they were asked how they obtained these drugs for nonmedical use, nearly 70 percent of students admitted to getting the drugs from a family member of friend. Some also claimed to have gotten them online.

If you have problems with prescription drug addiction, call us at 866.434.2630 and we will help you get in to a treatment program specifically designed to help people with prescription drug problems. What makes Sober Freedom different from most other drug and alcohol treatment services is that we help you every step of the way, from answering all of your initial questions, to helping you process insurance, paperwork or other formalities and we can help you with travel arrangements to get to treatment or detox.

So why exactly is this issue becoming so problematic? Many experts feel that because these different medications are prescribed by doctors, people assume that they are completely safe to take at any time. Prescription drugs are safe to take when they are taken properly, although many do have side effects that have to be noted. Using any medication however, other than why it was intended can cause a number of serious health issues including addiction and overdose.

Prescriptions have increased over the past 10 years for stimulants and many feel that this is why the number of Americans addicted to prescription drugs has grown. Some simply feel that it is the ease of obtaining these drugs that make them more appealing to many who are addicted. They can easily purchase many prescription drugs on the street and in most cases, they are cheaper than illicit drugs that are not prescription medications.

ladyHowever they are obtained, prescription drugs can be very dangerous when not taken properly. Those who are taking these medications without being instructed to do so by their doctor or who are taking their own medications in a way that was not intended need help to overcome their addiction. Prescription medications can cause addiction just as heroin, cocaine and other drugs can. Overcoming these addictions is often done through detoxification, therapy and family support. The penalty for selling prescription medication can be stiff but even in the face of prison time, many still sell and purchase prescription medications for the wrong reasons. Any use of a prescription medication other than why it was intended and for long periods of time could mean drug abuse and those who are addicted to these drugs need help just as an alcoholic needs help to overcome his alcohol addiction.

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