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Drug Abuse Can Affect Anyone From Any Lifestyle

functional alcoholicMany people believe that the only ones who fall victim to drug abuse are people from broken homes that have led hard lives or live in poverty. The truth is that anyone can become a victim of drug abuse and at any time. There are many stories of people who were very successful in life who have fallen into drug use. Many who are addicted to substances have Bachelor’s degrees, families, homes and come from backgrounds that most people would not consider to be at a risk for drug abuse.

Some begin drug use as a means of coping with certain family events. For instance, one story tells of a man who had a Bachelor’s degree in business economics and for the most part, was very successful in life. A death in his family however, forced him to find comfort in marijuana and cocaine. This story is not at all uncommon.

Studies have shown that the risks of drug abuse are much higher among certain social classes as well as those with other factors in common. Living on the West Coast for instance, seems to carry a higher risk of drug abuse than living anywhere else in the United States. Males often abuse drugs more than females and certain nationalities are often at a higher risk. This however, does not mean that others cannot fall victim to drug abuse. Even though studies may show that people of lower socioeconomic backgrounds are at a higher risk for abusing drugs or alcohol, this certainly does not mean that those of higher classes or social backgrounds are not going to become abusers. There are many other factors to consider than where someone is from.

One of the strongest risk factors for abusing substances is stress. Those who are under more everyday stress are much more likely to begin using drugs as a coping mechanism than even the poorest of people who are completely happy and live relatively stress-free lives. The types of drugs used by those in higher classes are a bit different than those in other social classes however. Professionals and other seemingly successful people normally choose alcohol, marijuana or prescription drugs to help them cope.

Even doctors are at a risk for becoming drug users. Studies have shown that healthcare professionals, because of the stress of their jobs, are at the exact same risk for developing a drug addiction as anyone else in the general population. The rate of drug abuse is not nearly as high in medical professionals as it is in other career paths but it does happen.

The added pressure of maintaining a professional image can cause massive stress and dealing with that stress can be difficult at best. In professions that are high profile or those that help to ensure the safety of others, daily stress can be massive so it is not at all unlikely that someone in a higher socioeconomic position would turn to drugs or alcohol to help relieve some of this stress.

Drug abuse is not simply for the poor or the broken. It is a disease that can affect anyone, no matter their age, race, gender or social class. There are many stories of professionals who simply could no longer cope with the stress of their daily lives and turned to substances to help them to feel happier or calmer. Professionals, college students, rich people and anyone else can fall victim to drugs or alcohol. The difference here is that most people do not automatically assume that a professional is a drug abuser, at least not as much as they would assume it in someone from the wrong side of the tracks.

The treatment for drug abuse, no matter which side of the tracks the abuser is from, is the same. No matter what type of drug is used and no matter where that person comes from, everyone needs a bit of assistance to get past their addiction.

A major problem with the more successful class of drug abusers is that they feel much more ashamed for society to learn of their problem. Because of this shame, they often forgo treatment and may carry on with their addiction for many years.

Drug abuse is simply not something that attacks just one group of people. Someone who seems to have everything in life, who is completely happy and who would never consider abusing drugs or alcohol could change in an instant depending on their specific circumstances. When that moment happens, it is essential that those people, whoever they are and wherever they are from, get the help that they need to overcome their addiction.

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